#OWS: Despite Promises To The Contrary, AFL-CIO Moves To ‘Usurp’ #OccupyWallSt Messaging

On October 5th, when the #OccupyWallSt protests had been underway for two weeks, AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka gave his solid endorsement to the Neo-Coms occupying lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. However, he promised that the AFL-CIO wouldn’t “usurp” the protests.

“These demonstrations are truly spontaneous,” Trumka said. “They’re happening around the country. We intend to be supportive of them. We believe as they believe that the economy is shutting down 99% of the people. We think there’s a different and a better way. So we’re going to support them any way we can. We’re not going to try to usurp them, we’re going to support them. I hope they’ll support us.”

Well, Trumka meant the AFL-CIO wouldn’t “usurp” the protesters’ movement, that apparently did not extend to stealing their tagline. Now, thanks to the AFL-CIO, #Occupiers can get their own “I am the 99%bumper stickers, complete with the AFL-CIO printed* in the upper right corner.

While it may only be a symbolic gesture, it is indicative of a larger problem the original #usefulidiots #Occupiers will have differentiating themselves from the union bosses and their agenda since they are easily outnumbered and outspent.

Moreover, with only 12 percent of America’s workforce unionized, it’s somewhat humorous to see the AFL-CIO hijack the #OccupyWallSt’s slogan. Then again, it’s not as though the Neo-Coms in Zuchotti Park actually represent 99% of America either.

Now, it may be just a matter of time before the Communists and Nazis develop their own #OccupyWallSt merchandise.

[Nothing like #Solidarity among Neo-Coms, is there?]

* Editor’s note: It is presumed (though not confirmed) that the AFL-CIO is printing its bumper stickers at a union printshop, although its non-union software developer, SalsaLabs, could not confirm that.

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