SEIU Thugs Accost Fresno County Supervisor At McDonald’s

This past Monday, the infamous SEIU, which represents county workers in Fresno California called a three-day strike. At issue was a dispute over pay cuts, which prompted the County’s Board of Supervisors to impose its offer. While only a quarter of all workers participated in the strike–the majority choosing to ignore the SEIU’s strike call–the strike was not without its incidents.

On Monday, County Supervisor Phil Larson was sitting in a McDonald’s having a cup of coffee with two (unidentified) men, when SEIU protesters entered the McDonald’s surrounded Larson and began a confrontation. The incident was filmed by a SEIU staffer, James Geluso, the union’s communications director, who told Action News:

“It was part of our strike action. It was an effort to reach out to Phil Larson to bring him back to the table.”

In other words, the SEIU’s plan was to stalk and confront County Supervisor Phil Larson. The union posted the video on its Youtube channel.

According to Larson, he was surprised by the incident.

“They walked in the door about 20 0f them, circled the table and started, all of them, yakking and talking, just challenged me.”

The SEIU’s accosting of members of management, as in Phil Larson’s case, is nothing new. As the SEIU’s so-called intimidation manual is designed to put pressure on employers, the SEIU is merely following the SEIU playbook.



“Socialism has no place in the hearts of those who would secure the fight for freedom and preserve democracy.” Samuel Gompers, American Federation of Labor, 1918

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