Did This Teachers’ Union Boss Really Call A Jewish Dad A ‘Neo-Nazi’…?

Cyndee Cohen is an officer with a local chapter of the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

After a father, Josh Barry, questioned the political nature of his daughter’s assignment, he received more than an answer from school bureaucratsand from Ms. Cohen.

After expressing his concerns to the school, a teacher he had never met contacted a mutual friend from Facebook and spoke disparagingly about the dedicated dad.

It all started when Barry, a vigilant parent, reviewed his daughter’s paperwork and was shocked to see a highly political assignment citing a New York Times article that blamed the Republicans for the government “shutdown,” along with a worksheet that accompanied the article.

Following an exchange with the offending teacher and the school’s principal (who was offended by Mr. Barry’s questioning of his daughter’s indoctrination), union head Cohen took it upon herself to begin targeting Mr. Barry–including through a mutual friend on facebook.

Enter teacher Cydnee Cohen, who never met or spoke with Mr. Barry, but works at his daughter’s school. She is a mutual friend of one of Josh’s Facebook friends, and contacted the friend to presumably get information about Mr. Barry.

Ms. Cohen left a voicemail (click on the video to hear the voicemail) that said in part,

“We’re having some problems with a parent in our school district and on his page you are one of his friends…but I would like to know, some of it seems like he is a neo-nazi…call me…”

The mutual friend sent a text (see screenshot) to Cohen, saying that Josh is the “furthest thing” from a neo-nazi, as he is Jewish. Cohen responded, “he is tea party right wing!”

Teacher accuses parent of being a 'neo nazi' and a 'tea party right wing'

via The Examiner.


  • Ms. Cohen needs to not only be fired, but sued for slander. This is a typical example of the current government (not public ) education system. Many, not all teachers and administrators, are hell bent on indoctrination of young minds with liberal and in many cases socialist philosophy and ideology with the Common Core ideas that are already being implemented. Another issue is the not-so-hidden support for Muslims and their brutal religion. This is toxic to the future of America, its history and its freedoms.

  • Ms. Cohen should be fired and probably sued for slander! This is a sad example of government education today. The schools belong to the parents – NOT THE TEACHERS AND UNIONS!

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