Did The Head Of Germany’s Biggest Union Just Compare The U.S. South To North Korea?

German Union Boss

Apparently, Der Wiener Schnitzel Detlef Wetzel doesn’t care too much for America’s Southern Charms (of which there are many) for, if he did, he wouldn’t liken the South to North Korea…would he?

Detlef Wetzel, running unopposed in a late November election to be the head of IG Metall, said companies like VW and industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG (TKAG.DE) against violating the pro-labor pledges made in their home market by setting up shop in the anti-union U.S. South. ThyssenKrupp has a steel plant in Alabama.

“Low wages and union-free areas: That’s not a business model that the IG Metall would support,” he told Reuters in a telephone interview. “If companies – from VW to ThyssenKrupp – entered these (southern U.S.) states in order to be free of unions, meaning to not acknowledge a fundamental pillar of any democracy, then we’re in North Korea. That cannot be accepted.” [Emphasis added.]

Cue Lynyrd Skynard:



  1. cliff householder says:

    Well Detlef it’s time for you to wake up and smell the roses!!We Americans are an independent lot and don’t necessarily adapt to”lock step”that easily and thats why this country has prospered!!Unions haven’t done well here mainly because they are basically crooked!!You should have done you’r research prior to building in the south!!Hoorah for right to work and to hell with the European way!!

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