Police and Bomb-Sniffing Dogs On Hand Before Protests Over WI Right-To-Work Begin

RTW Protest signs

As union protestors head to Wisconsin’s state capitol today and tomorrow, they will be met by police and bomb-sniffing dogs, according to

This week, a bill to change the state to a Right-to-Work state is being taken up on Tuesday, drawing union protestors back to Madison–the sight where, in 2011, tens of thousands protested Governor Scott Walker’s public-sector collective bargaining reforms.

The AFL-CIO, according to USNews, anticipates 800 people at the noontime protests planned for both Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, unlike the protests in 2011 when the Act 10 was put into place, police appear to be better prepared this time.

Two busloads of officers arrived Tuesday morning and spread out across the building, and a bomb-sniffing dog patrolled the hearing room.


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  • Let Wisconsin decide. Out of state thugs should be rounded up and prosecuted.
    Most of the violent protesters who destroyed Ferguson, MI were from out of town.

  • What were the plice “better prepared for”. I was in Madison several times in 2011 when there was an extremely large crowd of unionist. It was an extremely well organized group of Americans. There was absolutely no violence or damage.The police were on the side of the unionists as they realized they were the same as us.

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