Unions Win Obama Veto Threat Over GOP Effort To Curb NLRB’s Ambush Election Rules

Trumka and Obama
On Wednesday, the GOP-led U.S. Senate will vote to undo the National Labor Relations Board’s announced rules enabling unions to “ambush” companies with so-called “quickie elections.”

According to the Hill:

Republicans are using the Congressional Review Act that allows lawmakers to undo regulation through a motion of disapproval, which needs a majority vote in both chambers. The motion can’t be filibustered or amended, which will help it bypass Democratic opposition.

The NLRB’s new rules, announced in December, are set to take effect on April 14th and are expected to drastically reduce the time-frame between a union election filing for an NLRB election from a median current 38 days to an anticipated 14-21 days.

Although unions already win a majority of NLRB-conducted elections, if the NLRB’s ambush election rules take effect as planned, according to a chart produced by the Labor Relations Institute, it is expected that union win rates will increase dramatically.

Union Win Rates

Additionally, the NLRB’s new rules mandate that petitioned employers will be required to turn over a list of employee names, their home addresses, telephone numbers, as well as email addresses.

In anticipation of the Senate vote, the Obama Administration stated on Tuesday that it would veto the legislation if it passed.

While there are federal lawsuits pending, if the rule is not overturned, it is expected that union-free employees and their employers will be subjected to being ambushed by unions as early as Tax Day, April 15th.

Obama Veto Threat on NLRB Ambush Election Legislation


  • Hey Obama…we aren’t ‘workers’ as you like to label us. And most of us do not like your meddling in the private sector. Take your ‘classes’ and shove them. 🙂

    • Hey “Don”…you may not have read the righht article. Just to recap this one: The NLRB voted to make the agency MORE efficient–you know, runnin’ the guv’ment like a business and all–which caused the corporatist GOP-led Senate to start “meddling” as you put it. The President will veto that “meddling” and let the NLRB handle its jurisdictional mandate of the “private sector” just as it has for the last 80 years wothout such “meddling.” The article makes no mention of any “classes” to my reading so I’m unclear where to “shove them” but then again I ain’t commenting in a drunken stupor of malevolent ingorance like some of the folks on here.

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