Wisconsin Moves Forward: Right-To-Work Set To Be Signed On Monday


Well, it appears to be nearly a done deal.

A mere four years after up to 100,000 union protestors laid seige to Wisconsin’s state capitol, the state whose motto is “forward” is about to become the nation’s 25th state to outlaw the firing of workers who refuse to pay dues or fees to unions.

This move comes at a time when Governor Scott Walker is considering a run for the White House in 2016 and as his state can boast of better-than-the-national-average unemployment rates.

Last weekend, Bretta Schmidt, a nurse at Meriter Hospital in Madison who turned out to protest, stated: “We feel defeated. We know this is going to pass.”

It appears Ms. Schmidt is correct.

Image Credit: Joe for America.


  • Fight this shit unions!!!! Band together! Don’t let them force this crap on you!!!! United we stand, divided we fall!!

  • Wisonsin’s unemployment is the lowest since 2008? Hmmm…what changed in 2008? lol

    The key to being a Right to Work state is to be the LAST right to work state. As each state sucks jobs away from other states by lowering wages, eliminating benefits and making the jobs into 19th century type working conditions, another state down the line will under cut you.

    If you want to be the “right to work” state that yields the most profits, wait until your workers live in tents erected at sanitary sites like in Grapes of Wrath…nobody will under cut you then.

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