In Advance of 2016, Obama White House To Hold Union Summit

Labor Leaders Meet With Obama At White House

As the 2016 election season begins to ramp up and with Barack Obama wielding his Executive pen, as well as Republicans holding both chambers of Congress, Democrats and unions are beginning to lay the foundation for what will be the end of Obama’s second term and the campaign themes for the next presidential nominee.

[via Politico]

The Obama administration is planning a White House summit on worker issues, POLITICO has learned.

The event, tentatively set for the fall, is still in its earliest planning stages, and may turn out to be a series of White House events rather than just one. It will include discussion of how to encourage collective bargaining, a source close to the discussions said.

Planning for the summit comes at a time when the White House is pushing for more labor-friendly policies as part of its middle-class economics agenda, and as unions are losing power in former strongholds like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

While cynicism may be noted, to be clear, the so-called “worker” summit that the Obama Administration is calling the soirée will be hosting (presumably) in the Fall will be little more than a meeting of union bigwigs, Democrat policymakers and some hand-picked “workers” from around the country.


  • This is a great idea. With the attack on labor around the country this meeting should be with those of us that live the everyday struggle. Union leaders are out of touch with the real day to day problems. Talk to those of us that it effects. That’s my recommendation .

  • i am a union Electrician Nd I am very concerned on the way we hard working union professional workers are being treat around America right now.Our Brothers who are gone now who fought for better working conditions fair prevailing wages health care over time safety on the job vacation pay sick leave pensions is all just going away with the Republican Party dismantling the middle class and trying to destroy all the unions who work hard everyday with American Pride. I would like the law makers and Union leaders to step up and back is workers who have backed you all these years. I hope and pray that the attacks on our brothers and sisters stop and America workers unite together non union and union workers who are the the
    Back bone of this
    Great country. I would love to attend this meeting God bless America

  • It’s too little too late, we needed action after the election in 2008. Neoliberals have operated unfettered in their quest to destroy the gains of labor in the last 100 years and the options to fight back legally are becoming rather scant.

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