Thousands of frustrated union members file NLRB charges against unions every year.

Here’s What Hundreds Of NLRB Charges Filed Against the UAW Look Like…

Here’s a question: What happens when hundreds of unionized workers feel that their union is failing to represent them to their satisfaction?

Well, unfortunately for many union members across the country who believe their union is failing to represent them properly, there may be little recourse except to go to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and file NLRB charges–also called ‘unfair labor practice’ charges to seek redress from the government.

Once filed, unfair labor practice charges become public information.

Here are what those charges look like…

ULPs Filed Against the UAW – 9 on Scribd

All too often, union members expect their unions to back them up and, when expected, file grievances when an employer aggrieves them.

However, what many union members do not realize is that it is up to their union to determine whether or not it will pursue a grievance.

ULPs Filed Against the UAW – 8 on Scribd

Although many unionized workers do not know of the NLRB, those who do and are angry enough at their union to file charges with the NLRB may find it ironic that they must seek representation from the government against their own paid representatives.

ULPs Filed Against the UAW – 7 on Scribd

If a worker—regardless if (s)he is a union member or not—files a charge at the NLRB, it does not mean the union is automatically found guilty.

ULP Filed Against the UAW – 6 on Scribd

What happens when an individual files an unfair labor practice charge against a union is that the NLRB will investigate the charge.

If there is merit to the charge, the NLRB will sometimes issue a “complaint” against the charged union.

ULPs Filed Against the UAW – 5 on Scribd

In some cases, however, unions will claim that the union officials did not find the worker’s complaint had merit.

In those cases, the NLRB will sometimes dismiss the unfair labor practice charge.

ULP's Filed Against the UAW – 4 on Scribd

According to one database, the UAW has had over 2,500 unfair labor practices filed against it at the NLRB in recent years.

ULPS Filed Against the UAW – 3 on Scribd

As it is with most unions, the vast majority of charges filed against the UAW are allegations that it has failed to represent workers.

ULPs Filed Against the UAW – 2 on Scribd

Because a concentration of the UAW’s membership is employed by the Detroit Three (Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler), a majority of the charges filed against the UAW are from workers in Michigan.

ULPs Filed Against the UAW – 1 on Scribd

The unfair labor practice charges above are only charges filed over the last few years.

The UAW has decades of individuals filing charges at the National Labor Relations Board.

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