Nissan workers opposed to the UAW rally ahead of vote. Source:

Unity, Not A Union: Nissan Workers Rally Against UAW Unionization Ahead Of Vote

Ahead of a NLRB election scheduled later this week, Nissan workers gathered on Saturday to show their unity in opposition to being unionized by the UAW.

With an election scheduled next Thursday and Friday to determine whether or not Nissan’s plant in Canton, Mississippi will become unionized by the United Auto Workers, a number of Nissan employees held a picnic and rally on Saturday.

The event, billed as ‘Unity, Not A Union,’ was held at Bouldin Park and was put on by the group Nissan Technicians Truth and Jobs.

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  • You guys are being manipulated by big money. They want to make sure you don’t make the money. Don’t give in…UNION STRONG. Unions are what made America and the middle class.
    Don’t let them lie to you

    • This will be lost on people who have believed (for decades) the false union talking point that “unions built the middle class.”


      Unable to claim credit for creating actual products, union apologists will fall back on the assertion they “built the middle class.” The UAW example shows this too is a dubiously sourced accomplishment.

      General Motors first recognized the UAW in 1937, following the “Sit Down Strike” in Flint. Ford didn’t follow until 1941. The massive economic and industrial disruption of World War II shortly thereafter makes it impossible to discern any early contribution of the union toward helping the middle class.

      The War itself substantially blasted away the manufacturing spine of the rest of the globe, leaving American manufacturers and their workers in an historically absurd position of super-dominance. With our without a UAW, disproportionate prosperity was going to flow to American workers for decades afterward as the rest of the world recovered from the rubble.

      Twenty-five years later foreign automakers were again big enough to move strongly into the U.S. market. The curtain would soon fall on an unprecedented era of job growth at UAW plants.

      In an economic sense, the United States was the only nation that truly “won” World War II. Allies who shared the battlefield victory went home to punished economies. The spoils of that victory – not the UAW, the UFCW or any of their cousins – made the disproportionately swift rise of the American middle class possible.

      For the full read, go here.

    • Laura, unions lie INCESSANTLY. I understand the need for them in the past, but at a company like Nissan a union would be no more than a nuisance to the business agenda and, ultimately, Nissan employee’s pockets. Your thinking is old school.

  • That’s great vote non union, that way you can have subpar working conditions probably make no more than 14 to $20 an hour they’ll be able to work you any hours they want and as soon as you get close to overtime they’ll just send you home or cut your hours and I won’t even go into the safety portion of it but whatever as long as you don’t mind making what the workers at McDonald’s make

    • You don’t know what you are talking about. Brainwashed and blinded by the union propaganda, and you can’t think for yourself. It is guys like you that actually need the loser unions.

    • That is not true. There are laws in this country that protect the employees on issues like hours of work. In fact the NLRB is designed to help individual or group of employees without the involvement of a Union. Once again – Union false propaganda.

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