UAW Bosses ‘Refuse To Respect The Wishes’ of Nissan Workers

UAW bosses are being hypocritical by refusing to respect the wishes of Nissan’s workers, says founder of Mississippi Black Chamber of Commerce.

Following the United Auto Workers’ devastating defeat last week in Mississippi, where Nissan employees voted nearly two to one to reject the UAW, the union has continued pressing its claims that Nissan interfered with its employees’ choice.

“The UAW simply refuses to respect the wishes of these hard-working Mississippians,” states J. R. Jones, founder and president of the Mississippi Black Chamber of Commerce.

This is the height of hypocrisy for an organization that claims to be all about giving employees a voice in the workplace. Apparently, the UAW can talk, but it can’t listen.

The UAW called for this election, and the company stood by its position that the choice concerning union representation is up to the employees. After hearing all of the facts, the employees chose to continue their direct relationship with the company, which has allowed Nissan, the employees and our community to prosper for the past 14 years.

Instead of respecting the will of the employees, the union is threatening to use the NLRB to lodge more baseless objections and false charges. The UAW is saying workers in our state aren’t smart enough to make their own choices. This is not just an affront to Nissan employees, but to all of us in Mississippi.

The UAW certainly has its back against the wall. However, it shouldn’t lash out against working men and women just because they know they are better off without a union.

Nissan employees exercised their right, the third time they have done so in a UAW-forced election. Those employees deserve to be heard, and it is time for the UAW to go home.

Read all of J.R. Jones’ article here.

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  • Back in the 20th Century unions had a viable role in improving wprking c9nditions and workers compensation. Now we have organozatipns to monitor safety conditions and labor laws to benefit the worker. So thanks for the past improvements but your time has come to disembark and stop being a business thats only in bisiness to make money for themselves and guarantee their payroll. Lawyers on every corner now no meed for UAW.

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