Union Threatens 100 Workers With Firing Over Union Dues

Nearly 100 employees, not knowing they owe their union, received a letter threatening their jobs if they don’t pay their dues.

In Erie, Pennsylvania, a union has sent nearly 100 employees a letter telling them that, if they do not pay union dues, it will force their firing, according to

Dan Nick has been employed at Presque Isle Downs for the past two years. He says he was never approached by a union or asked to pay dues.

Nick says he received a letter last month stating he has an outstanding balance of more than $800 in dues to pay to Unite Here Local 57 by September 1st or risk termination.

“I don’t feel that I have to pay I don’t have to pay those back dues, unfortunately, I can’t do anything until the union acts. If they fire me then I can go forward with my case and pursue it with the National Labor Relations Board.”

Pennsylvania is one of 22 states that do not have so-called Right-To-Work laws.

This means that, in states without Right-To-Work laws, unions can negotiate contracts with employers that require payment of union dues or agency fees from workers as a condition of employment.

If no payment is received, a union–like UNITE-HERE in this case–can order workers to be fired from their place(s) of employment.

In response to the dispute, Presque Isle Downs and Casino’s Vice President and General Manager Jeff Favre stated that the issue “is solely a union issue” between the union and its members and “can only be resolved by them.”

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  • Well someone opened pandoras box.. One did anybody read the fine print when they signed the job for employment or ask why the dues were not taken out with parole. I think the employer should be responsible if they were not told or shown. 2 having a union and being a part of one is best for everone you have to look at the big pictur and I honestly dont believe this No union would ever let someone get that far behind in dues especialy when thier hall depends on those dues to function.

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