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LUR Box LogoWelcome to (LUR) is a free website for readers who are looking for more than mere pro-union propoganda.

While the vast majority of the content on this site comes directly from the news, or other union-related sites, the opinions expressed are solely those of the editor and the guest writers.

Straight union-related news links can be found on the LUR News Digest on Flipboard, as well as newsfeeds for LinkedIn subscribers.

As LUR’s editor and as a former union agent, the sole mission of LUR is to provide news and information in a thought-provoking way, to shed the light on today’s corrupt union leaders and, as necessary, those politicicians (on the Left and the Right) who value cronyism more than the U.S. Constitution—of which there are many.

While some may question why corporations are not targeted on this webpage, the answer is simple:

Unions—which collect over $8 billion in union dues annually—as well as their political allies and the media have more money and time to devote to “corporate bashing.”

LUR is not sponsored, funded, or otherwise paid for by any business, grouping of businesses or trade association (not even the Koch Brothers).

P.S. Donations are welcome.