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Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Staff Just Unionized. Will it help?

With her poll numbers in (mostly) single digits, Elizabeth Warren's campaign needs a boost. Maybe a union will help? In most polls, Sen. Elizabeth Warren...

Teamsters Host Liberal Think Tank’s Award Of Rep. Maxine Waters

WASHINGTON, D.C.---The Roosevelt Institute, a liberal think tank, held its Franklin D. Roosevelt Distinguished Public Service Awards at the Teamsters headquarters (known as the...

California Considers Bill Giving Strikers Unemployment Compensation

Joining less than a handful of other states, California lawmakers are considering giving union strikers unemployment compensation. A bill moving through the California Assembly would...

Sanders’ Ex-Campaign Manager Calls Reporting On Union Thief ‘Racism’

As news of a Sanders campaign senior advisor's criminal past is exposed, Bernie Sanders former campaign manager calls the reports upholding 'systemic racism.' On Thursday...



Here’s (Almost) Everything Written About The UAW’s 2nd Defeat At VW

On Friday evening, the National Labor Relations Board counted the ballots cast by more than 1,500 hourly Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, TN. For the second time in five years,...


Dow Agrees To End Texas Lockout of Steelworkers…For Now

Having been locked out of their jobs since April, 235 Steelworkers will return to work on Monday. However, it may only be temporary. After being...

Bloomberg Survey: ‘Confident’ Employers Expect To Give & To Take In Bargaining

"Employers are nearly always confident that they will achieve their objectives in overall bargaining." Unionized employers negotiating contracts in 2019 expect to pay more in...



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