Monday, October 21, 2019

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Joe Biden: I Walked A Picket Line [At A Strike That NEVER Happened]

Aspiring presidential candidate Joe "Corn Pop" Biden has been telling a lot of tall tales. Here's his latest... Democrat presidential primary candidate Joe Biden has...

Trump Blasts AFL-CIO’s Trumka’s Letting NAFTA Stand…”No wonder unions are losing so much.”

On Labor Day, President Trump took to Twitter to blast the AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka following the labor leader's remarks on Trump's NAFTA replacement. On Sunday,...

Sanders Plans ‘Wage Boards’ To ’Set Wages, Benefits And Hours Across Entire Industries’

If he becomes President, Socialist Bernie Sanders wants to establish 'wage boards' to 'set wages, benefits and hours across entire industries' in order to...

Corey Booker’s Campaign Manager “Thrilled” Campaign Staff Unionized

Corey Booker's campaign staff has unionized with the Teamsters union and Booker's campaign manager is "thrilled." The national presidential campaign staff of Sen. Cory Booker...



Another Group of Historically ‘Anti-Union’ Planned Parenthood Workers Want A Union

Employees of Planned Parenthood want to unionize with the SEIU---but it's doubtful the nation's largest abortion provider will let that happen without a fight. NEW YORK, NY---A group of nearly...


WATCH: Union Protesters Arrested Outside American Airlines Headquarters

Dozens of UNITE-HERE protesters were arrested outside American Airlines' headquarters as negotiations with their food catering employers drag on. FT. WORTH, TX---Union protesters affiliated with...

Dow Agrees To End Texas Lockout of Steelworkers…For Now

Having been locked out of their jobs since April, 235 Steelworkers will return to work on Monday. However, it may only be temporary. After being...



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