Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Daily Report


Democrats’ Pro-Union ‘PRO Act’ Is A Threat To Jobs And The Free Market

Not enough attention is being paid to one section of the Democrats' pro-union 'PRO Act' that poses the greatest threat to jobs and the...

Democrats Devote $86 Billion To Bail Out Union Pensions In $1.9 Trillion Relief Plan

Although it may have nothing to do with COVID, Democrats have solved one of unions' biggest dilemmas: It bailed out their failing pension funds. With...

AFL-CIO’s Picks For Labor Secretary Are All White Guys, But Not Bernie

The nation's largest labor federation has floated a list of top contenders it would like to see as Secretary of Labor in a Biden...

Government Unions Wasted 28% Less Of Taxpayer Money Doing Union Business Last Year

Taxpayers spent 28% less on federal government unions doing union business on government time in FY 2019, according to a new report by the...

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SPECIAL UPDATE: ‘Amazon Workers Defeat Union Effort,’ Unions Respond

Unions dealt a 'crushing blow' with Amazon loss. On Friday, as the National Labor Relations Board continued counting ballots cast in the election at Amazon's Bessemer, Alabama facility, it was...


United Steelworkers Claim Company Not Keeping Workers Safe During Covid Crisis

Powerless to do anything, the United Steelworkers claims Kumho Tire isn't keeping its workers safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. MACON, GA---After workers at a Kumho...

PLAY BALL! MLB Imposes 2020 Season Over Baseball Players’ Union Rejection

It appears there will be a baseball season after all... via Yahoo News: There will be a baseball season in 2020 — but only because commissioner...