Monday, August 8, 2022

Daily Report


Running For Governor, Ex-Labor Secretary, DNC Chair Tom Perez Quits ‘Anti-Union’ Law Firm

Although he had no problem with his firm helping employers against unions during union organizing campaigns, bargaining and labor disputes, Barack Obama's former Labor...

NEA Spent $50 Million on Politics, Paid Nearly 500 Staffers $75K to $400K in 2020

In 2020, while the pandemic kept most of America's classrooms closed and kids at home, teachers' union officials and staff spent heavily on politics and paid themselves handsomely

Union Bosses’ Push To End Filibuster Will Allow Democrats To Pass Gun Control, Other Marxist Measures

Unions and their Democrat allies have an ambitious agenda to expand government powers over nearly every facet of American life and the only thing...

Democrats’ Pro-Union ‘PRO Act’ Is A Threat To Jobs And The Free Market

Not enough attention is being paid to one section of the Democrats' pro-union 'PRO Act' that poses the greatest threat to jobs and the...

Union Free Radio


Union Free Radio, S.2 Ep. 3: Is Card Check Here? An Interview With LRI’s...

Back-door card check is on its way this year, says Labor Relations Institute's Phil Wilson. Last August (2021), the National Labor Relations Board's General Counsel, Jennifer A. Abruzzo, sent a...


United Steelworkers Claim Company Not Keeping Workers Safe During Covid Crisis

Powerless to do anything, the United Steelworkers claims Kumho Tire isn't keeping its workers safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. MACON, GA---After workers at a Kumho...

PLAY BALL! MLB Imposes 2020 Season Over Baseball Players’ Union Rejection

It appears there will be a baseball season after all... via Yahoo News: There will be a baseball season in 2020 — but only because commissioner...