Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Daily Report


U.S. House Passes Economy-Killing ‘PRO Act’ To Trap Workers Into Unions

On Thursday night, after hours of debate, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed the "PRO Act," a bill to benefit unions and drastically alter...

Democrats Urged To Remove Virginia’s Right-To-Work Law, Force Union Fees

Now that Virginia has turned solidly blue, pro-union Democrats are wasting no time calling for forced union fees. Last Tuesday, for the first time in...

Biden’s On Board With Plan To Force Workers Into Unions, Blacklist Anti-Union Employers

Despite his questionable record on unions, Joe Biden backs Democrats' plan to strip workers of right to secret ballot elections, forcing them into union...

Elizabeth Warren Takes Heat On Pregnancy Firing ‘Lie’ & Anti-Lobbying Plan

As she begins to emerge as her party's front runner, Elizabeth Warren and her schemes are beginning to garner greater scrutiny. This week, as her...



Despite 3/4 of California’s 43,000 Child Care Providers NOT Voting, Union Wins ‘Overwhelmingly’

As further evidence of mail-ballot elections resulting in the suppression of election participation, 43,000 California's Child Care Providers are now unionized despite three-fourths of them not voting. In what has...


United Steelworkers Claim Company Not Keeping Workers Safe During Covid Crisis

Powerless to do anything, the United Steelworkers claims Kumho Tire isn't keeping its workers safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. MACON, GA---After workers at a Kumho...

PLAY BALL! MLB Imposes 2020 Season Over Baseball Players’ Union Rejection

It appears there will be a baseball season after all... via Yahoo News: There will be a baseball season in 2020 — but only because commissioner...



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