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Bernie Sanders’ Senior Advisor Was Convicted of Stealing Union Money

One of Bernie Sanders' senior campaign advisors was once convicted of stealing money from union workers and no one seems to care. In 2016, when...

[NSFW] NYPD Union Posts, Then Deletes, Sexually Graphic Tweet Aimed At Mayor

WARNING: The following may be objectionable to some readers "...the image was not meant as any sort of commentary on the relationship between de Blasio...

Biden Tells Nevada Union $12 Min. Wage Not Enough

After blasting corporations at a Nevada union hall, Joe Biden attended a fundraiser hosted by MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren who is laying off...

Firefighters Throw Cold Water On Union Leaders’ Endorsement of Joe Biden

One week following the Firefighters' union endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden, thousands of union members push back. Last week, as former Vice President...



Meme Makers Of The World Unite! (Into A Meme Makers’ Union?)

Instagram meme makers are unionizing...or something like that. After you've stopped laughing, check this out. There's a union (of sorts) being formed on the internet. And it involves those nameless, faceless...


Bloomberg: Non-Union Earnings Rising Twice As Fast As Union Earnings

Good news for unions: Wage increases are up. Bad news for unions: Non-union wages are rising faster. A rather lengthy Bloomberg good news, bad news...

Union Gets First Contract At Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Casino

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ---As Atlantic City revenues reached record highs in March, the city's largest union Local 54 of UNITE-HERE reached its very first contract...



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