Obama Defines Dysfunction With One [NLRB] Appointment


A point to be made on how Craig Becker may, ultimately, damage the White House…

If Democrats wonder why their political fortunes have shifted so much, they should study the appointment of Craig Becker to a body that adjudicates labor disputes.


Becker argued that he didn’t need to recuse himself because the “SEIU is a separate and distinct legal entity from the many local labor organizations affiliated with the SEIU.” NLRB Inspector General David Berry concurred with that assessment, ruling that Becker didn’t violate his ethics pledge when voting on cases involving SEIU locals.

Becker has been absolved of any wrongdoing, and the ruling is supported by longstanding practice at the NLRB. The legal reasoning is, however, questionable.

For example, the SEIU’s own constitution implies that the locals are intricately woven into the parent organization. Among other things, the parent has jurisdiction over the local unions, can direct an examination of its books, the president of the organization can direct local unions or appoint a trustee to take charge of it. A local union isn’t even allowed to pay bills before it mails its monthly membership check to union headquarters.

We knew there was an argument to be made [see embedded link above] when we posted this.

Read more @ Bloomberg.


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