Dems embrace culture of corruption — support Rangel in corruption scandal


Democrat, or should that be Corruptocrat,leaders, including Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Governor David Patterson and Governor wannabe Andrew Cuomo, are throwing a big fundraising birthday party for ethically challenged Charles Rangel.

The Corruptocrat Rangel bash is being thrown despite the fact that the House ethics committee, after a two-year investigation, finally revealed 13 “major” charges of ethical violations against Rangel, which the committee said it substantiated in a 41-page Statement of Alleged Violation.

Rangel now faces a formal public trial before a House ethics subcommittee for the alleged violations.

Read more @ RedState.


  1. Like to see what they plan to do about those with dbstiiliaies and those who work 2 and 3 jobs simultaneously to put food on the table – or those of us who fall into both categories. Maybe I can perform my "national service" in the 4 hours per night I get to sleep? Who needs it anyhow, right?Charlie can bite my big toe, the crook. Why stop at 42? Why not extend it to 102? He seems pretty spry for an old guy, so why should he be exempt?


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