UAW’s sham ‘shame campaign’ on its way


UAW  ‘shame campaign’ on its way
Posted by Manny Lopez (The Detroit News) on Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 11:06 AM

Bob King, the new president of the UAW was stumping for democracy yesterday, and you'd think that it would be hard to corrupt such a thing.

But he did. See, democracy to the unions means do it our way, or no way.

King said the UAW will try a new tactic to organize foreign automakers. The membership-declining union is going to draft a set of principles that will bar companies from using derogatory, untruthful or threatening statements to dissuade workers from organizing (as if that was a one-way street).

“Any company that does not agree to the UAW principles is essentially declaring war on freedom of speech and assembly,” he said.

Ta-da, the “shame campaign” (my interpretation, not his).

Those that don’t sign on will be labeled as being against the First Amendment.

In fact, the UAW’s push for freedom could be a good thing if it were universally open to such a thing. How about the UAW abide by its own new interest in openness and allow its members in Michigan and other forced unionism states to also have the freedom to decide whether they want to be in the union?

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