K.O.! Union Throws in Towel on Arizona Boycott


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has knocked the once-mighty United Food & Commercial Workers union out of  the union boycott of Arizona over SB1070.

It might be the fact that Brewer doesn’t cower to union thug-like tactics, or it could be the fact that she punches back twice as hard. Either way, the UFCW is throwing in the towel on its Boycott Arizona campaign.

The grocery workers union said Thursday it is calling off its boycott and will work toward more positive outcomes on the contentious immigration front.

“I hope Ms. Brewer joins the call to ‘tone it down’ and help create solutions for both border security and immigration reform,” said UFCW Local 99 President Jim McLaughlin. ”It is now time for calm, reasoned discussion that can move forward to first secure our borders, while designing a workable, humane plan to finally reform our nation’s immigration laws,” said McLaughlin.

The fact that the Governor’s campaign had planned a protest in front of the UFCW’s Phoenix office may have convinced the union bosses that Brewer had taken President Obama’s “punch back twice as hard” lesson to heart.

The protests, including Shame on UFCW/SEIU signs will be held Thursday, Friday, Monday and Wednesday at the UFCW Local 99’s office off Central Avenue in Phoenix.

Now that the UFCW has been knocked out of the Boycott Arizona campaign, the Governor’s spokesman Doug Cole says attention will be turned toward the SEIU.

[We think that’s already begun.]

Congratulations, Arizona!  You’ve got a governor that isn’t afraid to take on the biggest special interest group in the nation—union bosses.  Perhaps some other weak-kneed governors can watch and learn.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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  1. Andy Stern, formerly of SEIU, has been the most frequent visitor to the White House, and is willing to go to any length, “power of persuasion,” or “persuasion of power,” to make “workers of the world unite,” and if that’s not a radical Communist ideology, I don’t know what is!!!

  2. UFCW, United Food union “buckled” to Arizona’s plea to Mr. Obama for border control because Arizona citizens don’t much care about Mr.Obama’s “political” maneuvering; just their own safety from the drug “wars” that are now “crossing” over the border into Arizona, and USA in general; coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Strange, illegal “Democrats” will be voting “for” exactly what they’re now running “from,” in Cuba and Venezuela.

  3. It is time to put the unions to rest. They are only surviving by taking advantage of minorities (legal and illegal) and Federal Government employees and not the ones that can get hired in the private sector.

  4. I am glad that the UFCW (which I am a member) has seen the light and is making the change. I find it hypocritical that any union is against what Arizona is doing. I would think they would want American Citizens to have the jobs. Not Aliens that are here illegally.

  5. Way to go Governor!!! 1 step closer to the goal. We need to get rid of Obama all together. The United States of America does not want a British Subject as our President. It’s Unconstitutional.

  6. ”It is now time for calm, reasoned discussion that can move forward to first secure our borders, while designing a workable, humane plan to finally reform our nation’s immigration laws,” said McLaughlin

    I’ve got your “humane” in my pants. You cloke room boys can stick it where the sun don’t shine. The American Chamber of Commerce, the Catholic Church, the SEIU, and all you other costa nostra types have stalled ENFORCEMENT for as long as you’re going to get away with it. You did it with George W. Filth, and now you’re doing it with Obama. But it’s a new day in America. The honest immigrants who have come to America legally and went through the proper steps are entitled to everything they have earned. For the border hoppers, whether they be “families”, smugglers, or union members, are toast. There will be no “amnesty” or “reform”. Only attrition and forced deportations will prevail until every last one of them is out of this country. The time for “calm” is out. Get over it.

  7. I agree 100% with G YOUNG!

    Our immigration laws need enforcing and Gov. Janice
    Brewer is fighting for the entire U.S. citizen base!
    Except the anchor babies who should never have gotten a birth certificate in the first place.
    I hope every traitorous anchor baby loses their
    illegal birth certificate someday in a legal showdown!

  8. Unions, used to be a good thing..But, anymore, the are bullies and thugs… I was a union memember, then I took a buy off… so I am no longer a union member and i can say… We the United States are losing jobs because of the unions…. I like what Governor brewer did…
    Now to get the Immigration laws enforced..

    The law states.. you need papers… so get papers.. but, it should cost on either side $5,000.00 per person…

    My hat off to this very strong and gutsy Governor!!!

  9. I was a Local UFCW Vice President and member for 20 years and the International never had any stomach for a fight. The only time the International would flex its’ muscle was to intimidate the UFCW Locals into doing their Socialists bidding. They would never back us when the company violated the agreement but they will back illegal immigration. Great to see Arizona sit them down. Believe me the UFCW members don’t support the position of the International. It’s sort of like the People being screwed over by Obama and the Congress. Power will corrupt and has it ever corrupted Washington. Go Arizona! Go! Go! Go!

  10. Think about the Vampire Movies. Now think about Unions everyone of them. They suck the blood out of the Company, Town, City, County, State and the Federal Government. We need about 1,000 Chris Christes and Jan Brewers spred out all across America. I hope these Republicans do some more homework on this Pledge to America. We want to Repeal the Obama Care. You sound like Democrats on some of this replace stuff you are talking about. You need to just restore Health Care back to the starting point for now. Do not start to get Stupid roght off the bat

  11. I am also glad to see they back down union jobs are for legal citizens not illegal & the union should know & support that argument what they did is turn Americans both Union & non Union workers against them bad move on the unions part also bad move on President Obama part he should have stay away from this one it to hot for him now he lost a lot of support by filing a law suit against the state of AZ now I hope the governor kicks all there butts & wins ever law suit brought against the state of AZ


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