SEIU’s “Unholy Alliance”


Dave Bego, three-year and counting victim of SEIU organizing tactics, exposes Big Labor’s and Interfaith Fellowship’s “Unholy Alliance” in his recent blog:

Mr. Breitbart responded in much the same manner as did EMS, challenging the crowd to explain what they were supporting and why they were angry. In The Devil at My Doorstep there is a story about one such challenge. By engaging the protestors, it was found that they had been hired from the local Wheeler Mission as day laborers for cash. Obviously, they were not union members! Mr. Breitbart clearly discovered the same.  A recent video produced by a reporter for MSNBC’s Daily Show accurately portrays what is occurring across America on a regular basis! In it, the reporter interviewers picketers at a Wal-Mart in Utah, and then confronts the local union boss of the NFCW when it is discovered the picketers aren’t union members (See Big Labor Hypocrisy Scrutinized by the Daily Show).

These two videos, depicting the union’s “do as I say, not as I do” mentality, are not as disturbing, however, as another video on the big website which is gathering little attention. This video, captioned as “C. J.Hawking,” is an attempted interview with Methodist clergy person C. J .Hawking, who is leading the picketers protesting Breitbart and Beck (See Andrew Breitbart Confronts Hateful Protesters at Right Nation 2010 and Rev. C.J. Hawking at Right Nation 2010).

Underneath the caption it reads “Who is C.J. Hawking?” The Devil at My Doorstep answers that question twice! She was once caught in an incredible lie during a meeting between EMS and eight clergy who were demanding EMS sign a neutrality agreement. Another situation with Rev. Hawking took place days after the SEIU notified EMS of a strike by 10 out of its approximately 400 employees in the Indianapolis area. Rev. Hawkins then received a check from the SEIU for $ 27,000. Coincidence? Unholy Alliance? You decide!


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