UAW Members Picket UAW HQ Over Secret Pay Cuts


Workers protest wage cuts outside UAW headquarters WITH VIDEO
JOSEPH SZCZESNY | The Oakland Press
Oct. 16, 2010

Nearly 200 people turned up for a demonstration outside the gates of United Auto Workers headquarters at Solidarity House as they called for a vote by union members on proposed wage cuts.

The demonstration in Detroit was organized by workers from UAW Local 5960 in Orion Township, who were protesting the union’s decision to assign workers with less seniority to a second-tier that would require them to take a 50 percent cut in pay if they were recalled to the Orion plant.

“They didn’t tell us anything until the very last minute,” said Nick Waun, a member of UAW Local 5960, adding that union officials had kept quiet about the potential for steep pay cuts for more than a year.

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