UNION HYPOCRISY: Ground Zero Priest Blasts Union Boss For Putting His Own Profits Over People


Rev. Brian Jordan rips Central Labor Council President Jack Ahern on salary, demands resignation
BRIAN KATES | New York Daily News
November 27th 2010

A prominent Catholic priest has demanded a powerful union boss resign for taking a 100% pay hike when thousands of New Yorkers are jobless.

The Rev. Brian Jordan, famed for his ministry to Ground Zero workers, blasted New York City Central Labor Council President Jack Ahern for pumping up his income to more than $300,000.

Ahern did it by accepting a raise from $40,000 to $80,000 for his part-time job with the labor council, an umbrella group for 400 unions representing 1.3 million workers.

The hike came on top of a six-figure salary from Operating Engineers Local 30, which he’s led since 1996.

Ahern, who talked of putting “people over profits” at a labor rally on Wall St. last April, earned $247,978 from the local last year, records show.

“Thousands upon thousands of union workers are out of work and you as a leading figure in the N.Y.C. labor movement have the audacity to demand a 100% increase in pay,” Jordan wrote to Ahern. “Shame on you!”

With the citywide jobless rate at 9.2% and nearly 365,000 New Yorkers in the jobless line, Jordan called on Ahern to “submit your resignation immediately.”

“All of his talk about putting people before profits is hypocritical,” Jordan told the Daily News.

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