Union Hypocrisy: Union Members Protest Union Fund Plans to Outsource to Non-Union


Well, there’s nothing like a union that puts profits over people

Union members plan a Monday demonstration in Kansas City against a Boilermakers National Funds’ proposal to subcontract local union jobs to a non-union company.

The Office and Professional Employees International Union, AFL-CIO Local 320, represents about 120 employees who process health and welfare, pension and annuity claims for the funds in their Kansas City, Kan., office, according to a release. They are at risk of layoffs depending on the final decision made by the trustees for the funds at a Monday meeting.

The union wants the trustees to oppose sending the jobs to a non-union company “and realize there are other considerations besides money,” the release said. Three of the four bidders for the work processing union health insurance claims are non-union.

“These funds are negotiated by the Union as part of an economic package of benefits that members of the Boilermakers Union receive,” OPEIU International President Michael Goodwin said in the release. “I am sure they would be as appalled as we are to learn that monies diverted from their economic package, which they work so hard for, are being placed into the hands of a Board of Trustees that cares more about money than they do about people. We’re asking the trustees to come up with a different solution.”

Read more @ Kansas City Business Journal.


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