Another Example of Union Hypocrisy: Do As We Say, Not As We Do…


On Tuesday, a union filed a petition [5-RC-16629] with the National Labor Relations Board office in Baltimore, Maryland. The purpose of the petition was to have the NLRB conduct a secret-ballot election. The employer in this case happens to be the United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 400, based in Landover, Maryland. The petitioning union is the Federation of Agents and International Representatives. [Yes, sometimes union representatives actually have unions represent them against their exploitive employers—the unions.]

So, you might be asking, what’s the point?

Well, apparently the employer (the United Food & Commercial Workers) has not agreed to card check, despite being a huge supporter of card check.

Another example of another hypocritical union? It sure appears so.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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  1. Local 400 is an excellent place of employment and should be viewed as a model of how a workplace should operate and conduct business. There is no hypocrisy what so ever. The entire issue is really about employees (Representatives) who are completely clueless, unappreciative, and incompetent. They seek unwarranted promotions and other types of rewards and contribute very little. Local 400 reorganized to ensure that our cause is really about the “union members”. These Representatives have been skating and underperforming which is no longer tolerated. Now that they are being held to very high performance standards, they run to FAIR for shelter. What you have reported on your website is completely untrue and is being fueled by those few narcissistic individuals whose low work ethic would not be permitted at any other workplace. Local 400 has given these Representatives a chance to step up to the cause, our members. The outcome of the election will not change the expectation of these Representatives to not only meet but exceed high performance standards; Local 400 is no different than any other employer.

    • Sandi it sounds like you are one of the over paid management people that need a dose of Tom McNutt!,for you to make such a comment about your fellow workers prove that this union is in need of a big change that starts a the top!!!

    • Sandi, since you seem to think so highly of Tom McNutt, would you fire you own sister in hard economic times like this on your mother death bed? If your answer is yes, than you will be removed from office in 2012 as well as your boss!! Shame on you defending such a pathetic power hungry individual that thinks he deserves respect and doesn’t have to earn it!!!!

  2. Really? The representatives who expressed their desire to unionize are wholly narcissistic, incompetent, clueless, and unappreciative? I find this drivel difficult to swallow. The representatives in question are motivated individuals who have a history of seeking out opportunities to further their union educations and are enthusiastic about inspiring their workers to increase their dedication not just to their jobs, but to the labor movement as a whole. If these were truly underperformers, why were they not fired weeks, months, or years ago? Why was such an otherwise high-performing union allowing such clueless personality-disordered employees to continue to represent the union? The answer is because until they voiced their wish to unionize, Local 400’s President Tom McNutt, Jr. repeatedly extolled and explicitly supported their hard work and commitment– these representatives were held in high esteem until they challenged the existing structure. Tom McNutt’s smear campaign of slanderous e-mails and letters, as well as sexually harassing phone calls to those involved, is pathetic and hypocritical, and it reflects the inadequacies within his own deeply flawed character. Machavellianism has run rampant at Local 400, and one need look no further for an example of shameful behavior than in Tom McNutt’s mirror.


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