Union and Student Activists Swarm Down on Wisconsin Capitol to Protest Budget


Less than a week after Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker drew a line in the sand, left-wing students and union radicals descended on the Wisconsin Capitol building on Valentine’s Day.


[Note: Turn your volume down prior to hitting the play button.]

Students Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from dane101 on Vimeo.


  1. I like everything that it is showing in this article but the people who are marching are not just “left-wing students and union radicals” like it says in this blog. We in the middle are behind this no on Walker as well.

  2. What a joke. All their stupid little rhymes and “stop the hate” BS. I’ll bet most of these protesters were getting paid. Unions have destroyed every industry they’ve touched, and now they’re destroying our government. It’s that simple. These students ought to take a look at the faculty salaries and benefits. Cut those down to market rates and tuition would be affordable overnight. What a bunch of crap. Public sector unions are a cancer on society.

  3. Sorry, those salaries of university professors are not huge like you think! On the contrary. Those same professors can go to private sectors and make 2 or 3 times the amount of money! However, these dedicated people want to help to change and enhance the future of our country and world. And who do you want teaching you? Did you want a state that provides a great education to students in schools and universities? Do you not know that our state is known for its education? Be informed instead of saying anything that comes off the top of your head. This repair bill will cost Wisconsin greatly. It will cost around 10,000 private sector jobs and put our state at a low income level, as in Mississippi, Alabama, etc. (Not to mention the billions of dollars that our state will be in if it passes!)
    The question to ask is: “Why did Gov. Walker “give” 140 million dollars to some of his business cronies?” He is an insult to intelligent people.

  4. Our local conservative radio host, Vicki McKenna, today played the audio of a high school student recruited to protest. He said they were there to protest “what some dude’s doing”. How intelligent. Do not drink the water in Madison (aka Berkeley East).


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