Wisconsin Unions Calling for a General Strike if Walker Plan Passes



In an attempt to follow their European counterparts, public-sector unions in Wisconsin are endorsing a call for a general strike if Governor Scott Walker’s plan passes and is signed into law.

As the Wisconsin Legislature reconvened this morning, a key federation of nearly 100 labor unions in the state is calling for a general strike for about 45,000 people if Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill is signed into law. The South Central Federation of Labor is calling for a general strike if the bill becomes law.


Sources told BizTimes that other labor unions that would be affected by Walker’s bill also are pondering going out on strike if the proposal is approved.

While Wisconsin has been deemed to be “ground zero” by the unions, if union bosses’ bullying tactics succeed in shutting down the state of Wisconsin, they will be emboldened to shut down other states as well._________________

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  1. I work for the UW Hospital, our patients are too important to be ignored. That is how a non-state worker responds to this strike.

    Scott Walker’s plan includes stripping my bargaining rights even though our company takes no taxes from the private sector.

    His plan is that of big business, to create an oligarchy, it has nothing to do with anything else not even his fictional budget numbers.

    No one is going to want a public job… no teacher, not anyone if this bill passes.

    Jail whom? There won’t be a teacher left work their pay once the pay/benefits are cut.

    Wake up!


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