It’s All Reagan’s Fault! Thirty Years Later, Reagan Blamed for Sleeping Air Traffic Controller.


Last week, an air traffic control supervisor working alone in the control tower at Reagan International Airport took a nap while on duty. His 20-minute nap caused pilots to have to rely on controllers 40 miles away to guide them to land.

Despite the controller’s suspension, to some who just don’t like people being held accountable for their own action, the whole incident somehow must be Ronald Reagan’s fault!

I wonder if the negligence of the air traffic controller suspended for sleeping on the job is not a delayed consequence of Ronald Reagan’s busting of the air traffic controllers union 30 years ago (“Sleeping controller suspended,” March 25). Why was the controller working four consecutive overnight shifts? Did he have a choice? These questions are especially pertinent now during a concerted attack on collective bargaining, which protects both workers and the public they serve.

John G. Bailey, Edgemere

Never mind the fact that Ronald Reagan used Jimmy Carter’s playbook (strike plan) to “bust” PATCO 30 years ago, and never mind the fact that Democrats have done more to bring down unions (Carter, NAFTA, etc), some people will never be able to get past the idea that there must be some “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.”

Of course, it doesn’t help that the writer above advocates blowing up Wal-Marts as well.


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