Questionable Visitors’ Log Reveals AFL-CIO Boss Made Four Dozen White House Trips


In a critical report published by the Center for Public Integrity regarding the White House visitor log, one of the more peculiar items noted was the amount of visits that AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka has made to the White House. While the Center’s criticism centers around the lack of (or missing) data provided by the White House, the records did reflect that Trumka has visited the White House an astonishing four dozen times:

AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka has been logged in at least four dozen times, often with other labor bigwigs, but the records tell why he was there in only 12 of those cases, and those are mostly ceremonial events or busy social functions. Twice last year, Trumka met privately with Obama and once with Vice President Joseph Biden, the records show, but no details are in the logs. The AFL-CIO had no comment.

In February, as suspicion was being raised about Democrats coordinating with protesters in Wisconsin, Trumka raised eyebrows when he boasted talking to the White House “every day.”

Back when SEIU boss Andy Stern was still running back and forth to the White House, it was suggested that Stern was the hand inside Barack Obama’s puppet. It appears, now that Stern has resigned his role as puppet master, Trumka’s hand has slipped right in.

HT: Politico


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