In the face of membership losses, union bosses cling to old arguments

Union membership declines as leaders cling to old arguments, methods
George Hawkins | San Diego Source
April 19, 2011

Union membership is declining and union leaders say one reason is business outspends labor on politics.

The latest iteration of this claim was associated with the legislative action in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. In Wisconsin a bill restricting public employee collective bargaining passed and was signed by a Republican governor. Similar measures are being considered by Republican governors in Indiana and Ohio. Explaining this, one labor leader says business spends 19 times as much as unions spend on politics allowing business to buy politicians who then attack unions.

According to L. D. Jackson in his Political Realities blog, unions pumped $150 million into campaigns in 2010. Nineteen times $150,000,000 is a lot of money. It must have been poorly spent if it only bought the governors of three states.

If politicians are buyable, who bought the people elected in 2008? Congress was overrun by left of center winners. I guess all those people are honorable. Labor leaders must think the only people who can be purchased are those with whom they disagree.

Another spurious claim made to defend labor’s decreasing membership is that the law works against unions. Business says that the National Labor Relations Act, which governs union organizing, is tilted toward unions. Could be the NLRA is somewhere in the neutral zone.

Unions have lost membership for various reasons, many of which are of their own making.

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