Union Leaders Teach Labor Studies Courses on Communism, Violence, Industrial Sabotage & Frying Cats


The University of Missouri has an expansive $1.9 billion enterprise with an operating budget of $500 million which, according to its website, 37%  comes through state appropriations. While the University’s Institute of Labor Studies may only be a small fraction of its budget, one must wonder why tax dollars are being used to fund a program that espouses Communism, teaches tactics in industrial sabotage (including stalking CEOs, using members to insinuate sabotage, as well as the killing of cats), and convincing union members that their “group goals” are more important than their individual goals.

The videos you are about to see [via BigGovernment] are of two “educators” holding courses via video conference through the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). The courses are an Introduction to Labor Studies and Labor Politics and Society.  The instructors are Judy Ancel, Director of UMKC’s Institute of Labor Studies and Don Giljum, a self-described Communist and Business Manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 148.

Watch the video in its entirety and you’ll hear Communist Giljum (whose total compensation in 2010 was nearly $121,000) bragging about the tactics he’s used to terrorize intimidate companies, company CEOs, as well as his inciting a riot “that destroyed several police cars.”

You’ll also hear Judy Ancel instruct on how to convince union members that their group goals override their individual goals, as well as this gem:

When you have a crisis, you have an opportunity to introduce a shock—which is a massive change. Generally, if you’re following the neo-liberal playbook, it’s one that shifts power dramatically.

Toward the end (at 6:25), you’ll hear Ancel approvingly tell students how a union friend on strike in Peru, when they could not occupy their ‘powerhouse,’ put cats into the facility in order to be electrocuted to short out the power.

In another video, also via BigGovernment, Ancel and Giljum educate their students on violence and the occasional need for violence:

Both Judy and Bob seem to know their union playbooks well: The ends justify the means.

Of course, with a “labor advisory board” like this, it might be expected:


Diane Arends – USWA 13
Byron Austin, Chairman – GCIU 235
Len Beauchamp – Boilermakers International
Gene Bralley – Federal Mediation & Conciliation
Joe Capra – IAM Local 778
Sherwin Carroll – SEIU Local 96
Andrea Moran Chapman – APWU Greater Metro Area Local
Greg Chastain – Sheet Metwal Workers Local 2
Gordon Clark – Transport Workers Local 530
Mike Damico – IBEW 124
Beverly Garrett – AFGE
Robert Gillis – AFSCME Local 500
Jim Hadel – Tri-County Labor Council of Eastern Kansas
Pricilla Jackson Evans – Longview – Social Science Division
Dan Johnson – Teamsters Local 41
Bernard Johnson – Mail Handlers Local 297
Herb Johnson – Missouri AFL-CIO
Garry Kemp- Greater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council
Earl Lancaster – TCU Allied Services Division
John Locke – IAFF Local 42
Jenee Lowe – Pipefitters Local 533
Jan Mammen – OPEIU Local 320
Steve McLuckie – Missouri NEA
Hugh McVey – MO AFL-CIO
Jason Mendenhall – Laborers 663
Cynthia Millentree – UAW Local 249
Judy Morgan – Kansas City MO Federation of Teachers 691
Cindi Nance – UFCW 576
Dave Peterson and Donna Birks – UAW Local 31
Prof. James Sturgeon – UMKC Economics Department
AJ Villegas – CWA District 6
Gene Wagner – UMKC – Economics Department
Bridgette Williams – Greater KC AFL-CIO
Jane Zeitner- Longview PACE

It’s just too bad that this is the state of America’s institutions for “higher” learning.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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  1. This was taken off U Tube because they say it violates their TOS. I think it was taken off because as usual the government does not want you to know what it is doing. They probably used the same intimidation that this video explained. I have a Niece at Missouri in Springfield MO. and worry about what the government is pouring into their young skulls these days. When the Fed. Govt. took over the schools in the guise of the NEA it was over for freedom of education. Sometimes a little Anarchy goes a long way. Think about it, prepare for it. There may come a time when YOU need to protect yourself from YOUR so called Government.


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