After Alleged $15 Million Misappropriation, Union Boss Ousted Over $2300 Fake Meal Receipts?

Bruce Raynor and the Problem of Labor Movement Royalty
Randy Shaw | Beyond Chron
April. 28‚ 2011

Longtime labor leader Bruce Raynor was removed from the SEIU Executive Board this week, following allegations that he submitted $2,300 in false meal receipts. The charge seemed minimal in light of Raynor’s serving as an SEIU Executive Vice-President despite a federally judicially-sanctioned panel finding in May 2010 that he misappropriated $15 million from UNITE HERE while serving as its President, and accepted a salary from UNITE HERE while working actively to deprive his union of bargaining rights. And while earlier serving as President of UNITE, Raynor depleted tens of millions of dollars of garment worker assets. Yet the lack of accountability in the labor movement allowed Raynor to remain a high labor official until this week, and to still sit on the board and executive committee of the labor-owned $4.5 billion-asset Amalgamated Bank. And Raynor also remains chairman of several union-affiliated national pension and insurance funds, including the Amalgamated Life Insurance Company. The labor movement resembles the House of Windsor in ensuring lifetime leadership positions for Raynor and other failed leaders.

Bruce Raynor is understandably angry over losing a cushy $200,000 a year SEIU job over a measly $2,300 in false meal reimbursements (he claimed he was eating these ten expensive meals with SEIU attorneys when instead it was a female SEIU official). After all, why should SEIU care about $2,300 when it paid Raynor’s high salary despite his lack of productivity, and after a federal panel charged him with misappropriating $15 million from his prior union?

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