Black-Owned Construction Firms File Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Laborers’ Union


Las Vegas, NV (April 28, 2011) — On Friday, April 8th 2011, multiple African American construction firms in the Las Vegas area filed a lawsuit against Laborers International Union Local #872 for racial discrimination, breach of contract, and fraudulent and misleading business practices.

The lawsuit alleges that for the past 5 years, Local #872 has targeted African Americans owned construction firms to add to its member roster for political and economic reasons. The complaint alleges that on multiple occasions, Local # 872 has published defamatory and/ or misleading statements regarding the African American small business contractors who are plaintiffs in this action. More specifically, the complaint alleges that Tommy White, the business manager and secretary of local #872 is largely responsible for the extreme financial hardship suffered by the plaintiffs herein.

The plaintiffs in this action look forward to resolving all of the disputes and restoring their reputations and retaining their businesses. All the plaintiffs and their employees and supporters were present at a press conference on April 8th to discuss the issue with the media.


For background, see: Unions & Racism: An Age-Old, Institutional Problem Continues Unabated


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