Teamsters, Looking for ‘White Knight,’ Tries to Stay Positive About Associated Grocers’ Receivership


AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Associated Grocers, the company which supplies independent grocers around Maine, has gone into receivership.

Associated Grocers has operated since 1953 and serves hundreds of small grocery stores around the state. The Teamsters Local 340 union says they have 70 members who work there, and estimate there’s another 30 to 40 non- union members at the business.

They say the Savings Bank of Maine will take over and manage the affairs of the company.

The teamsters are unsure what the bank will choose to do with the company and its workers, but they’re trying to stay positive.

“We’re still optimistic, we hope they want to keep the business going, we represent 70 members with Associated Grocers, we’ve had a great relationship with the company” said Dan Walsh, a business agent with the union. “They pay a living wage, there’s health and welfare, there’s a pension. We’re willing to work with the bank, we’d love a white knight to come along and save the day for us. I’m still going to stay optimistic until the fat lady sings.”

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