Unions: Differences Between Then & Now…


This was then…

I want to tell you, Socialists, that I have studied your philosophy; read your works upon economics, and not the meanest of them; studied your standard works, both in English and German—have not only read, but studied them. I have heard your orators and watched the work of your movement the world over. I have kept close watch upon your doctrines for thirty years; have been closely associated with many of you, and know what you think and what you propose. I know, too, what you have up your sleeve. And I want to say that I am entirely at variance with your philosophy. I declare to you, I am not only at variance with your doctrines, but with your philosophy. Economically, you are unsound; socially, you are wrong; industrially, you are an impossibility.

Samuel Gompers, Founder of the American Federation of Labor, 1903

This is now…

[AFL-CIO Boss Richard Trumka on May Day 2011]

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  1. TRAITORS – every last one of you – REAL Americans KNOW WHO YOU ARE – hope you enjoyed the free ride – TAXPAYER WELFARE IS ABOUT TO END! Oh, no habla espanol – LEARN ENGLISH YOU LEECHES!

  2. You accuse us of being traitors because we have no country. We clean you malls, we pick your food, we cut your meat, we dig your coal and build your homes. In fact you would have nothing if we did not work for you. It is you who need us! Not we who need you!


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