SEIU Member Says He Had To Fight His Own Battles

32BJ Union Member Says He Had To Fight His Own Battles
Milton Allimadi | BlackStarNews
May 24, 2011

A unionized building’s super has provided a detailed account of how he says 32BJ didn’t effectively stand up for him when he faced harassment and retaliation by his employers.

The union member says he ended up pushing his own case to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) leading to a settlement agreement that awarded him back pay for what he called a “wrongful and retaliatory” dismissal. The ruling also recognized the rights of other employees for the company he works for to speak with the media, to organize, and to speak directly with officials at the company that owns the buildings where they work.

“I did the job that my union should have done for me,” says Antonio Lanzarotta, a 32BJ member who’s an engineer at a property owned by Trinity Church and operated by First Quality Management (FQM). “This was a hard earned victory,” he adds. “Even then, my employer is still in violation of the settlement agreement negotiated with the National Labor Relations Board. I haven’t been paid the money my employer was ordered to pay.”

Other union members who work for FQM went even further, suggesting that the NLRB sometimes sides with the union executives against the rank and file members.

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