Union Threats & Mob Actions Shut Down $200 Million Washington Port Indefinitely


A few days ago, it was noted how union tensions were escalating in the port town of Longview, Washington as members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union have been protesting the opening of a $200 million grain terminal without using ILWU labor for its roughly 50 jobs.

On July 11th, around 100 ILWU protesters were arrested when they tore down a chain link fence and, a few days later, hundreds of protesters blocked a mile-long train from entering the terminal.

Since then, the company chose to hire a unionized subcontractor that employs members from the International Union of Operating Engineers, instead of using ILWU members which makes it an extremely volatile situation.

On Friday, things got even more heated as ILWU protesters blocked cars from entering the terminal and the 76 year-old father of the ILWU local president was arrested.

Via The Daily News:

More than 100 protesters from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 21 gathered outside EGT’s gates around 6 a.m. One man, the father of ILWU Local 21 President Dan Coffman, was arrested on two misdemeanor counts.

“We’re fine with the legal, peaceful protests. But when things cross the line and we start getting reports of vehicles being stopped, threats being made… we’re going to respond to those,” Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson said.

James Coffman, 76, of Rainier was arrested about 8 a.m. on two counts of malicious mischief for allegedly breaking the antenna off an EGT employee’s vehicle and throwing an egg at another car, Chief Criminal Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig said. Sheriff’s deputies identifed Coffman, a retired longshoreman, in a video shot at the scene, Rosenzweig said.

Protesters also surrounded an EGT employee’s vehicle, threatened to throw hot coffee in his face and knocked his hand away when he attempted to photograph them, sheriff’s deputies said. Union protesters told sheriff’s deputies that the man tried to hit them with his vehicle, Rosenzweig said.

Friday’s incidents caused EGT to shut down the terminal indefinitely.

Since the grain terminal is on port property, it appears the company’s position is that the port has the responsibility to secure the property.

Port of Longview spokeswoman Ashley Helenberg said the port’s contract security officers would defer to local law enforcement for all calls on the port-controlled road outside EGT property.

“We are working closely with EGT and the ILWU to resolve the issue. We support peaceful demonstration, but when laws are broken it becomes a matter for law enforcement,” she said.

Based on the arrests earlier this month, it appears that Longview law enforcement is doing well so far at enforcing the law. The question going forward, however, will be whether the ILWU protesters will comply the law.


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  1. What a coincidence! Unions acting thuggish, using extortion and intimidation to get what they want!
    Ever wonder why all the shooting went on in the ’20’s at union protests? I’m sure the union bosses were just fine with having a few workers killed. Then they had the upper hand. But just what did the union thugs do to deserve being shot at in the first place?
    We can kind of forgive the politicians of the time for being lilly-livered dupes, but have we learned nothing since?
    The port will not enforce anything because they are in bed with the unions, meaning they get to charge exorbitant rates, since any other company replacing them has to use the same scum as employees, so their prices can’t be less. If you look further, you will find some business agents’ son is the owner of the new company supplying union labor at the site (a clear violation of union rules, and several laws).
    This scam is as old as the hills, and well known. It is only disgusting, immoral, and unamerican because the government takes the union side, meaning that all the resources available to the government will break you if you sneeze sideways at a union pig.
    Send the union president’s old fool of a father to prison, and watch what happens. See who defends his conduct. Take names. They hate that.

  2. John Harold,

    There were shooting in the 20’s because greedy fat cats hired detectives to terrorize working families. It’s like that now. Rich people just want more money and they take it from the workers. You know workers, right? The ones that actually do the work that makes you money.

  3. In a time with unemployment at a high, it is more important than ever to protect good jobs and wages. Companies want more than ever to keep wages low and profits high. It seems to me that workers deserve the right to stand up, go to work, and bring home a reasonable living for their families. A company like EGT should recognize the taxpayer subsidies they have rept from the local workers and population of the area. They should stand by their contractual obligation with the port and let the longshoremen go to work.


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