Sabotage Strikes As Union Militants Target Verizon Execs At Home


On Sunday, 45,000 members of the Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers went out on strike against Verizon.

On Saturday, before they struck, union militants converged on homes of Verizon executives.

In this first clip, union members inflated a large rat in front of the home of Verizon Senior Vice President Bill Foshay. On its Youtube page, IBEW Local 827 stated:

SELL NO MORE!! VP Bill Fohsay and the rest of the Boston bunch can run, but if we don’t get a contract you can’t hide! We will find you, and you will hear us now!!!

Separately, union militants also descended on Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams’ home.

Separately, on Monday, Verizon reported multiple incidents of sabotage in Massachusetts:

“We’ve discovered a number of cables have been cut, and it’s affecting service on our networks,” said Verizon spokesman Phil Santoro.


Santoro said he was not yet able to determine “several hundred” customers were affected by seven incidents of cables cut in Billerica and Tewksbury. An incident of sabotage has also been reported in the upstate New York town of Queensbury.

IBEW spokesman Paul Feeney, however, dismissed the reports, stating that the outages were likely caused by the lack of maintenance staff and heavy rain.

“It’s status quo for Verizon,” said Paul Feeney of IBEW Local 2222. “Any time that there’s a work stoppage, a page in Verizon’s playbook is to immediately go to the media and say there’s sabotage and that’s why there’s outages in their service.”

Of course, the last time Verizon union struck, there were 455 incidents of sabotage.


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  1. The Unions are in trouble and for no other reason that on “day 2” a number of their members simply showed up for work. All it takes is a handful and next thing you know, it’s 10 more than 10 more and so on.

    In this economy, union members will defect.

    • We are strong, organized, and ready for this fight. Keep understimating the power of 45,000 workers united. We prefer it that way.

    • there is a big problem with your statement, any union worker that crosses the picket line will be fined a days pay for every day they worked. Those people who crossed the line are working for Verizon for free. We have no other option, we do not get paid no matter what we do

  2. Sorry to disappoint you Carol, but the only people crossing the picket lines are management and out of state i.e. right to work state workers. We’re still holding strong. What people fail to understand is that this is about corporate robber barrens that have been receiving ridiculous yearly bonuses in the millions and are now crying poor. Our CEO alone earns an average salary of $55,0000 a day. Where is the outrage? People need to wake up and realize this is about the entire middle class in this country.

    • @Mark::: You are so wrong. You union people don’t want to pay your fare share. Besides, I work with you as a non union employee and you union employees suck. Your customer service is sub par and you think you have a right to do whatever. You don’t. I have read all the things Verizon wants to change so I know and I can post it up here to. Grow up, I hope Verizon holds strong. Verizon is a profitable company yes, but the wireline side is dying, the side you work on. If Verizon ever decided to ditch the wireline business, which they may, then what would u monkeys do?

      • Here’s the difference between us union workers & You td: you need a college education & diploma to do my job in customer service. Based on your response, you obviously don’t have one. You also obviosly don’t know that LANDLINE WIRES & FIBEROPTICS are NECESSARY for WIRELESS service! You have a great day now, Mr NON UNION FOOL….

      • ofcourse everyone is going to agree and disagree with VERIZON, Nevertheless Verizon and Comcast are scum, Corporate Greed is at hands. Yeah you have your good union employees and your bad ones but don’t be a slave to any company that includes anyone who does not like to bend over for the boss unlike you Mark, you can bend over all you want to, more power to you.

  3. We arent asking for huge raises. We simply want to maintain decent life. Why would anybody root for working people to continue to decline? If unions dont stop the destruction of the middle class who will? Corporate America is destroying the American dream. Every working American should be supporting us “Militants”.

    • I am qualified , get me a job there, im sick of the low wages i earn at my job

      get me a job , post your positions and stop hiring from word of mouth and within.

      i feel like i am dissed because i’m an outsider.

      i wanted a job there for a long time, now i’m a regular electrician but grew up wanting to be a cable guy then a phone guy.

      you denied me

  4. Inall do respect it is not every non-union individual that feels that way, they do not have a union to protect their jobs if they were to join the picket lines, you’re targetting the wrong people, do you think all of them are happy about what’s going on? maybe a small percentage isn’t happy but that’s the truth of the matter at hand. IT is disgusting harrassing or beating on those guys won’t help change anything because if they cared about them that much then they’d like to resolve the issues so that no one ends up getting HURT badly, actually getting tired of this already maybe might as well sign up with uncle Sam go fight another bullshit matter war for other rich fucks who can’t enough money, like former president Dwight Eisenhower puts it in his farewell speech don’t let this happen but it is our faults since when we were all living good no one cared then to take a look at what was going on. Now that we’re all in it for a big FIGHT to win back everything, this is bigger than corporations right now. It is a take back AMERICA from these crooks and to where it belongs to the PEOPLE. I will leave with some quotes from the former pres
    “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”

    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
    ” Dwight Eisenhower


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