Striking Verizon Union Warns Members Not To Post Videos: They “could be used against us…”


With 45,000 union workers out on strike against Verizon, there is bound to be some incidents occur that union bosses would rather not have seen in the public domain.

In fact, if this Verizon strike is anything like the last Verizon strike in 2000, with its 455 incidents of vandalism and well before Google, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook drove the news, union bosses are going to want to keep tight rein over their members and their shenanigans before they become internet sensations.

Such is the case with CWA Local 1109, one of the CWA locals now out on the picket lines striking against Verizon.

On CWA 1109’s Facebook page, the moderator made a special entry to implore his members to not post any videos on the internet, as they ‘could be used against us.’

Nobody should be posting video on either facebook, youtube, or any other website of mobile picketing, or picket line activity. These videos could be used against us. Do not email or text them neither! Chris Calabrese. If you would like a video posted email it to me, and I will review it, make sure it is clean and then post.

Clearly, if a picketline video was to be used against the union, it would indicate that someone was doing something wrong. This makes one wonder, what might that be?


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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  1. What Verizon tries to wallpaper over, is the fact that the wireless network which is generating all the company’s profit, rides the same network as its wireline portion. There is only one network. It’s only wireless until you hit the first cell tower. So while wireline is labeled as “struggling” – because Verizon has been pushing its sales force to encourage customers to migrate to wireless – it’s actually doing all the support and maintenance work for the profitable wireless division, but getting none of the profits; therefore, looking like it’s “struggling.” Wireless gets a free ride off the Verizon network. Last year, by its own reports, Verizon wireline division was down on revenue over year previous by 2.9%. In that same time, Verizon cut the wireline workforce by 20%. Yet it insists it is unable to maintain the current benefits for the remaining workforce. All the talk of 100+ concession demands at the bargaining table are but a red herring; Verizon’s actual intent, under the new CEO MacAdams, appears to be to move the remaining jobs offshore as quickly as possible. The only jobs left stateside will be those people climbing poles. Which means no taxable income from close to 45,000 jobs, no taxable corporate revenue as whatever is earned offshore in the outsourced calling and test centers will remain offshore – and not taxable. That’s a lot of revenue lost to the US Treasury. And near 45,000 on the unemployment lines. Verizon’s comments about wireline are disingenuous; the wireline workforce is the boiler room which is keeping the ship afloat. How much loyalty or protection of national security will we get from an overseas maintenance center which has full access to our network and all sensitive portions of it? Little to none.

    • Well Truedat doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The wireless network is NOT, I repeat, NOT generating all of the company’s profit. LIE. Check the financials, the former MCI unit now called Verizon Business has been profitable consistently since they bought it in 2005. So that’s just more bs from a field union rep without knowledge of how the other half of the company even operates which is so typical. Wireline struggling is the OLD GTE/Bell Atlantic VZ Telecom part of the company which this union has run in to the ground. Wireless does not get a FREE RIDE off wireless, Wireless PAYS wireline for the access and lines, good grief. They process those orders through VZB so this is more bs. Wireline loses money, wireline should lose employees and benefits. And how can Lowell MacAdams move those job offshore dummy, those are the jobs that climb the poles and string the wires and maintain the physical infrastructure you LIAR. How you do that from China you LIAR? This is such a load of bs. TrueDat is a BS liar flat out that is misrepresenting how the company really operates, don’t believe a word he says, he’s just an IBEW mouthpiece losing the argument again and again. You notice they never mention vodaphone? Yeah ask em about it. Wireline is going the way of the buggy whip because customers are deinstalling their home phone lines and going cellular and the IBEW can’t deal with it so they lie. Lies so bad they can’t sustain this strike any longer due to NO support from anybody that reads their bs so they might as well go back to work. FLA has 10% unemployment these union whiners with their full paid benefits make me sick.


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