Striking Verizon Unions Posting Enemies List: Companies & ‘Scabs’ Named


A mere two days after 45,000 CWA & IBEW members walked off their jobs at Verizon, union militants have begun posting the names of individuals and companies who are not ‘honoring’ the union strike.

On the union Facebook page, union militants have posted a boycott list of Massachusetts companies that are either crossing the union picket lines or servicing Verizon in some other capacity. [See below.]

In addition a Twitter account with updates, as well as the boycott list, union militants are posting a ‘scab list‘ (names of individuals who have decided to work through the strike).

For updates on the union strike against Verizon, visit the Strike Update Page here.


  1. A Scab list “really” maybe you should call it the “I am a parent with a mortgage and bills to pay list”. The union asks for you to not work but do they pay your bills, hell no. I say fuck the union, if you need to feed your kids then go to work. The union only helps the workers who’s jobs are in jeopardy. If you go to work everyday and do what you get paid for you dont need the union. When was the last time a union delegate actually did any real work. I am a retired Verizon Customer Service Rep. But in this economy if I still worked for verizon I would cross in a minute. Great chance for overtime, you know extra money to feed my kids, pay my bills, things like that.
    So drink your beer and tell your wifes that ” oh honey I wont be home tonight because I am on the picket line” whatever helps you sleep at night. I wonder if everyone knows that the union delegates get paid by the union when there on strike. Bunch of hipocrites. Be happy you have a job and shut up and do it you bunch of losers.

    • That is just Idiotic! Everyone is in the same boat, we all work for a living and must stick together and fight for our jobs because the call centers in the Philippines are already in place and the tech jobs can be contracted out to non union underpaid soon to be a poor new American underclass of working poverty stricken non unionized working poor! If you are hurting Do not scab! Go look for temp work, wait tables, clean toilets, do whatever it takes because we are fighting for our jobs which are quickly disappearing. Solidarity is all we have right now!

      • Don’t any of you have televisions? Really, you want all of your benefits paid for and and your company is losing money. Sound familiar (GM,Chrysler, Stae of Wisconsin)! I’ll bet theirs at least 45000 college grads who would love to take over these jobs.

        • before you talk out of your ass, do your homework. verizon is making money hand over fist because of what we have built and upkeep daily.

          • Um … Verizon Wireless brought the profit no Verizon Business – which these union workers are employed by. Verizon Business have been declining over the past decade and their customer base dropped 50% in the last five years.

          • ok well just so you might have a clue next time you open your mouth. Wireless is only wireless to the tower. Wireline are the ones who fix the equiptment and wirelines the data flows on from tower to office and back to the next tower. with out wirelind wireless does not work. do some homework.

          • Also it is not Verizon business that is on strike it is more than them. And It is Verizon landline department that is on strike that take care of the wireless side. Also doesnt give Profit from fois to landline yet that is who builds and maintain that also. Verizon fooled you all into there being different companies. It all starts and ends with who is on strike.

        • Verizon makes 29 BILLION in PROFIT a year. What loss of money. Oh and the land line is what keeps wireless working.

      • I would take your job in a heartbeat if I already didn’t have one. Why? Because you had a job, you wanted to cry about paying for your own healthcare or some other stupid reason, and now you think you should be able to keep people from working. That’s asinine. Grow up! You say “go look for temp work”. What if temp work to me is Verizon? I didn’t steal you job if you walked away from it first.

        • Union workers at Verizon are not asking for anything additional. They want to keep what they have. And to correct the other posting Verizon is not loosing money. They made 22.5 billion in the last 3 years and paid 0 in taxes. Thats right 0 in taxes! Could you get away without paying your taxes? Before you say that wireless is the only necessary means of communication do some research. Cell towers need wireline workers in order to send and recieve. Do not hate the hard working union men and women. They built the entire network and will continue to provide quality labor. If more people got decent wages and benifits this country would not be in the shape it is. Keep up the fight for every american! Thank you CWA and IBEW.

          • You are completely incorrect. Of course Verizon paid taxes you moron, they just didn’t pay tax on utility poles, big deal.

            Also, the company that employs the union, Verizon (not Verizon Wireless) accounted for 8 perfect of the company’s profit last year….yeah…thanks Union labor for your lazy, selfish efforts that have hampered this company for so long.

            Hope you all stay on strike…Verizon is better off without you (Enjoy your $200/a week union reimbursement 🙂

        • young man i am sure u hv’nt been in too many strikes i don’t like them either but u hv to rmbr we hv done the negotiat’g for a looong time to fight for wht we hv and corporate is lin’g their pockets w/gold they will fill them and they don’t hv anything big enuf to hold them up. hv u chk’d into hw much u’r benefits wld cost? vz just pd $100,000 TO GET RID OF EMP/BECZ THEY NOW HV 196000 CONTRACTORS IF WE HADN’T FOUGHT FOR ALL THE CONTRACTS U WLD BE MAK’G $13.50 AN HR INSTEAD NO BENEFITS AND NOT 23.00 PLUS BENEFITS PLUS BUY OUT TO RETIRE MY PARENTS DID THIS AND THEY GOT THEIR MONEY AND INCREASES AFTER THEY BUS,D IN AFRICAN AMERICANS FRM KY. TN YRS AGO THEY HD NVR WRK’D B-4 SO THEY QUIT AND TOOK WELFARE AND THT’S THE TRUTH I HV AFRICAN AMERICAN FRIENDS BUT THEY AGREE. SINCERELY

        • keppting those jobs here are the reason for the stike. Most of my wifes work is already over seas. You have no idea what the strike is about. How do you think you have payed holidays, vacations, 40 your work week, overtime was strikes. This isn’t about mone and is only a little about heath care. Which workers already pay for. This is stopping Verizon from sending jobs to over seas companies. Verizon makes 29 billion then cries we are broke. try finding out some information before making silly comments that you prove you have no idea about.

    • If you chose to work for $5 a hour ,no pension, no medical, no sick days,and no paid holidays,You must be an ilegial alien,You speak like a real idoit,You low life scumbag.

    • It makes me sick to see a person like u make excuses for you’re weakness and accept people to forgive u a scab is a blight on society both in this life and the beyond god may forgive but he will never forget .

    • Hey Mr. Shea I’m not sure where you get your information from… but what you posted couldn’t be further from the truth. Our delegates as you refer to them are not getting paid while we are on strike. Might I add….you mention mortgage….I could care less about my mortgage…I can LIVE anywhere…What I do care about is my families HEALTH CARE! Oh by the way Mr.Shea states he is retired from verizon…so because of the union efforts he will be provided with healthcare benefits while being retired. I can’t believe we still fight for retiree benefits with attitudes like this. Did you call us a hipocrit? How do you sleep at night knowing that were standing on our picket lines all night trying to protect …THE BENEFITS THAT YOU ENJOY! Sleep well!

  2. We could go back and forth on whether the unions are right or not. Whether the Verozon works should strike over benefits. In the end it doesn’t matter. I was laid off over two years ago and have filled out literally hundreds of applications. Hundreds. I have excellent references, lots of experience and nothing. So the idiot that said the scabs should go work for one of the temp agencies is so far removed from what is going on today, they are almost from another planet. My Unemployment was cut off without warning over a month ago. I got a letter stating that there was an increase in employment in a city hundreds of miles away that changed everything. Technobabble that meant nothing but that things just got expedentially worse. I was forced to apply for Social Services. The wait for Benefits is 45 days. 45 days without a cent to my name. Can you imagine? I sincerely doubt it. When is the last time any of the Verizon workers could say they had no money? That they were in danger of being evicted? That they had to go to a charity for food? That they had to wonder just how much further they are going to sink? Do they lay awake at night wondering what in hell they are going to do? Praying to God for help, any help. Wondering if there is anything I can sell? I USED to have pride, I USED to be able to hold my head up and say there were things I wouldn’t do. But the food is almost gone, my wonderful dogs have no dogfood and I am looking at people at ATMS thinking very bad thoughts. Do you think I would cross that picket line? To be able to pay my rent, feed my dogs and pay my bills? In a red hot minute. This is about survival. Just give me the telephone number.

  3. Hang in there union brothers . Most anti union crap being said here is due to weak people that are jellious . They are sitting home sucking on welfare and can’t watch I love Lucy because tv is out .grow up u lazy slime balls these are fighting against coperate greed . So sit on you’re fat asses and eat you’re donuts and be envious of outher people that have some pride and backbone

  4. Some of these comments are ridiculous! Way to go “americans”, sticking up for your fellow american! If more people stuck together and fought, then greedy corporations like verizon wouldn’t be outsourcing and offshoring jobs, while charging us (americans) top dollar and for lower quality. Keep the money here, keep the jobs here! Why shouldn’t verizon pay for their healthcare? Why should they be forced to work away from home? Cracks me up! This isn’t just a CWA and IBEW issue, this is an american issue… corporations all over america are doing this, and dumb asses like this just sit back and talk shit to the workers. Wake up!!! What a joke… hope I’m there to see one of you lose benefits or get replaced and “cry” about.

  5. James Shea,
    First of all, you are a coward. Plain and simple. My Father works for verizon and is currently striking and picketing to save his job and the benefits that he has spent years and years working for. You are a spineless, selfish individual. You only think of yourself. What about the other verizon families who are struggling to put food on the table? I am not suprised that you would park your fat ass behind your desk like a scared little child instead of picketing with the MEN. You are a coward. I am 19 years old and my Father engrained values into me which include pride and honor. Neither of which you have. You discust me.

  6. It is really sad to see how many people have no idea what this strike is about. I have not worked for Verizon since 2008, my wife is still there and many people I know. Verizon wants to cry they are losing money. Yet they dont want to show that the people on strike are the ones that build and maintain Fios, Wireless, and the land line. News flash with out the striking workers your cell phone internet none of it works. You may think you can go to another company but it is those strikers that keep all of it working. All the union is asking for is to keep what they have. The company has never had a loss they make billions of dollars every year in profit. People want to complain about what they have. Well over the past 60 plus years they fought to have these things. They and other Union fought for most of the benefits you all have today. 40 hour work week, vacation, payed holidays, healthcare, child labor laws, and most labor laws and benefits. The union made a deal with the company over a decade ago that the cost of living increase would stop, and the company agreed to leave health care alone. Last contract the company said we want it back. So now still no cost of living increase and pay health care. Average raise for Verizon union worker 2.5 percent. that 130,000 number Verizon put out doesn’t exist. example 6 weeks for matunity leave they counted that to every employee. Surprise men dont have babies so no eligible. There are many many of these benefits that they put to everyone yet half or more done qualify. It was a good smoke screen because most of you bought it.
    Most of my wife’s work is now overseas when you call in you talk to them then they IM my wife to find out what is going on. So the overseas person can tell you what she found out. Her call center went from over 300 people to less then 60. How many new jobs did they get overseas, but you keep helping verizon and other companies send jobs away. Where is your kid going to work in 20 years.
    Today I had a gun pulled on me by a customer because, the call center in India told them there service was out because the picketers cut the lines. there service was out because there a box a block away that has had an issue for over a year. Verizon doesnt want to fix it. When I was there there were cables that in 1997 i found reports of issues from the 60s.
    All the union is asking for is to take care of the people that made them 29 billion in profits last year, those employees are union and non union.
    the company states that they want to have flexibility to move techs. for what? they are so few now that they were on forced over time because they keep dropping people and not hiring. 40,000 union employees are on strike. In 2005 my last strike there was over 170,000 union employees. How many non union employees did Verizon get rid of during that time.
    I guess I just hope a few of you might read this and look into some of the information.


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