Verizon Strikers Menace Replacement Workers: “The Noose Around Your Throat…”


The following was posted the CWA, IBEW strikers’ Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon [emphasis added]:

Dear Scab,

I bet you didn’t expect to see us at 4am this morning! We were bright eyed and bushy tailed and waiting to give you our daily union greeting. You looked a little tired…is everything ok? Pretty tricky trying to get the jump on us, but we’re a lot smarter than you think. Can you see how are tactics are changing? How it seems like you can’t shake us? Can you feel the noose tightening? That noose is called union brotherhood. See, you’ve only got yourself to rely on, we have each other and our families. When we shut you down, stop insulting me by saying. “I had no choice.” I’m tired of hearing it. Life is full of choices, you’re just to cowardly to make the right one…

See you tomorrow…unless you man up and GO HOME!!

The Noose Around Your Throat,

For more updates on the IBEW, CWA strike against Verizon, go here.

Image credit: Kat Gloor


  1. Why must some of the union members use vandalism, aggression and mob tactics against the managers who are forced to do their jobs. The videos on Youtube do NOT portray union members in a positive light at all, and that is shame for the thousands of union members who are reasonable. This is not the right economy to be so militant.

    • Finally someone is this moronic union with something intelligent to say. I wonder how many people know that the union delegates get paid by the union during a strike. So they sit there and scream “scab” when all the while there still feeding there family. They are the very definition of hypocrites

  2. scabs and negtive propaganda by vz only make th brotherood stronger, scabs u say have blls too, but does someone have a right to screw your wife while your away i’m sure he has a good excuse too…when your kids get vietnamese wages thn you’ll know we were right all along….

    • […] James Beattie cuoitnnes to chronicle more immature CWA/IBEW union games and delay tactics as the Verizon labor debacle drags on into a new week. The War for the Shore […]

  3. I hope all you Verizon strikers are replaced and lose your jobs. You should appreciate what you have but don’t. What a bunch of malcontents.


  4. It is too bad you some of you people can’t think for yourselves.
    To those of you refuse to pass judgement till you get the facts hats of to you…

    Ever consider the lack of training of these replacement workers could be the blame of these outages. The company has replcement workers way over there head. One of the many things they are facing is not checking to see if pole is hot. This is one of the many ways to be killed.
    These poor people have no idea how dangerous this really is. The amount of specialized on the job training our members have is not gained in a class room in one short year or a scant few months.
    When our new hires are learning the ropes things happen that may cause an outage. We are human even CWA union members yes.
    An outage may also be management trying to spoil the public opinion of Unions. Do not put it passed them.
    We are not the enemy my friend, we are responsible for the middle class in this country. We would like everyone to have what we have. Instead of jealousy you shoud be behind us. Join us and raise your standard of living.
    Very sad to see the company bashing the Unions that made them who they are today. If Verizon would stop pointing the finger and negotiate what everyone wants (fair contract) we could all do what we do best.

    In Unity
    CWA 1118


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