Striking Union Extremists Imprison Verizon Replacement Workers In Pennsylvania


In their increasingly militant strike against their employer, Verizon, union strikers have quickly bridged the gap between exercising their rights to criminal activity.

While wide-spread incidents of line-cutting and other forms of sabotage may be defined as ‘property damage,’ possible child endangerment and unlawful restraint or false imprisonment. Yesterday, in another example of union extremism, union militants in Pennsylvania used locks and chains to trap Verizon managers and replacement workers in a building. [View news clip here]

Verizon employees looking to make a statement while on strike used chains and locks to prevent replacement workers from leaving a company office in Dormont on Wednesday.

Local police and fire crews had to be called to remove the bolts from the facility on Pioneer Avenue.

On Wednesday, Allegheny County Judge Michael E. McCarthy issued an injunction prohibiting striking Verizon workers from blocking the entrance to any company offices or job sites. The judge enjoined CWA strikers from “picketing, other than peacefully, and by no more than six pickets spaced, at any entrance to any Verizon facilities . . . or at any worksite of any Verizon employee or contractor performing company work.”

According to Channel 4 Action News, the CWA militancy was on full display outside Verizon’s Pittsburgh headquarters on Wednesday.

…one person was wearing a shirt with the slogan “It’s About To Get Ugly” and that the sentiment was apt. Channel 4 Action News cameras were there as a Verizon worker, who was not on strike, tried to walk past the jeering crowd and into the downtown offices.

“We have had some employees who have alleged that they have been kicked, been spit on, had things thrown at them, somebody’s been elbowed,” said Verizon spokesman Lee Gierczynski.

Ironically, union bosses from the CWA are trying to enlist their Democrat politicians in the dispute:

The Communications Workers of America, which represents 35,000 workers at Verizon Communications Inc. out on strike, appealed to Congress for support in the four-day-old labor dispute.

“We ask you to write Verizon President Lowell McAdam and urge him to respect collective bargaining rights and not to destroy middle-class jobs,” the union said in a letter sent yesterday to congressional offices in the northeast and mid- Atlantic regions, where about 45,000 workers began striking Aug. 7.

While individuals (union or non-union) have the right to withhold their labor if they so choose, there is no excuse, justification, or moral argument that can be made to permit the actions the unions are demonstrating in the Verizon strike.

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“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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  1. The scabs crossed the picket line…they choose their side. Union members are fighting corporate greed but I don’t hear any talk of the out of control executive compensation at the expense of workers across America. No surprise since the rich own the media and the journalist are afraid to speak out against the rich mans efforts to turn back the clock on all workers rights. whatcha’ gonna do when they come for you

    • Really, Charles? Your boss makes more money than you think he deserves, so now you’re KIDNAPPING people? Nice touch, also, the union thug that had his little girl out in traffic blocking the way of the Verizon van a few days ago. Now THAT is responsible parenting.

      Also, the media and journalists are against the unions? Quite the opposite, I’m afraid.

      Also, by the way, how’s your big fat pension doing? Are you just killing yourself squeezing about 10 hours of work into a 40-hour week?

      • Well said. I am a retired Verizon worker and we used to do is watch the clock and try to do as little work as possible. The union is great. When your job is jeopardy all you have to do is say you need training. Then you straighten out for a month or 2 then your off the hook and it starts all over again. There is 1 supervisor for every 25 reps. No way 1 person can keep 25 lasy asses working. It was the easist job I ever had. I feel sorry for the managers who have to work 12 hour shifts 6 days a week.

    • So Charles, it’s OK with you to imprison people? It’s OK with you to endanger them by locking them in a building with no escape route in the event of a fire?

      Oh yeah…. they’re not people in your eyes. They’re management and scabs….

      You really should rethink your doctrine. It leads you to doing evil things in the name of Union Brotherhood.

    • Not sure what you’re saying Monk. The last thing I want is to be rescued by people who go around imprisoning people. I think they imprison scabs in Cuba. Is that where you’re going with this?

    • The main thing, Charles, is that you listen to the boys from the Beltway standing back there in the alley goading you on and get you a nice criminal record, Charles. Maybe you can use that in place of a resume. Do it for your kids, Charles.

    • Idiot, the executives get paid more because they went to college and got and ecucaiton you blue collar itdoit. You have the same opportunity as them. The differance is that they have abition and your a fat lazy union protected, due as your told follower. Go to school, maybe you will get a promotion. Ever think of that moron

  2. I can;t believe the crap on this cite. Does anybody make the effort to find out any facts. You people should run a disclaimer before you write anything. I think there is more facts in the onion.

    • Seriously pete? This article is sourced. Just follow the links. I’m sorry that you don’t like the facts, but that doesn’t make them untrue.

      And if you don’t like what the facts are showing about your union, perhaps you should talk to your union reps about changing the direction the union is going and the actions they’re taking. Or are you worried that they’ll turn on you if you object to thuggish tactics?

  3. hmmm where are the reports for the public about all the striking workers who have been mowed down by company trucks with scab workers inside??? Why is it that it is the union keeping the elderly in the cold…the company could have negotiated a fair contract and there would have been no it’s the company that keeps the public out in the cold….as for the sabotage..ha ha wake up..the company and its scabs are self sabotaging…when they can’t fix it they slice it…and, they need an excuse as to why their incompetent replacement workers can’t get the job done…need to keep the public on their side ya know…Ver LIE Zon…how about some fair and balanced reporting here !!!

    • Really? A fair contract means the union gets everything it wants? Oi. Guess what? EVERYBODY pays part of their healthcare now. Defined benefit pensions will KILL companies. Guess what? If you join a 401(k), you become a company owner! This way, when those eeeevil corporations make money, you do, too!

    • Nancy, you are a liar.

      You are seriously claiming that the vandalism is being done by the replacement workers? To what end, to make it look like your peaceful, helpless, hard working union folk are violent and destructive? When there is video all over YouTube showing you bunch of idiots yelling and cursing, wearing shirts that say ‘ It’s about to get ugly’?

      You must think Americans are idiots. I guess you found out in WI, we are no longer willing to be intimidated by your thugs. And look! Suddenly, when the insurance funds are subject to free market competition, nobody chooses your insurance rackets, and suddenly school districts can pay their bills and their teachers.

      Union = parasite. It’s that simple.



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