Verizon Strikers Allegedly Sabotage Police Station Landlines in Uniontown


Verizon Strikers Allegedly Sabotage Police Station Landlines
Anneline Waldman | Jobmouse
August 13, 2011

State police in Uniontown, Pennsylvania experienced a 29-hour loss of landline phone service when someone shut off the power in underground Verizon vaults around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police are trying to determine whether or not the act of criminal mischief is related to the ongoing strike by Verizon landline workers.

Trooper Timothy Kirsch said that there was no forced entry at the sites on Main Street and on Route 119 in Lemont Furnace, near the Penn State Fayette campus. The lack of forced entry has lead police to believe that the person responsible for shutting down the power had a set of keys.

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  1. From your article,the outage was probably caused by first level company supervision.
    Remember,you don’t have to know anything about Telecom to be a supervisor,manager or any other Boss.
    Journeyman don’t strike for wages,they strike due to bad working conditions and or bad management that desires to destroy an industry.
    I have been told by managers that it is their perogative to mismanage. What a wonderful attitude.
    Bad management makes strong unions.
    40 years of telecom journeyman trade time .
    God Bless you in your efforts.


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