Verizon’s Chief Security Officer Discusses Criminal Sabotage


For ongoing coverage of the unions’ strike against Verizon, go here.


  1. It seems like Verizon security and Verizon management believe that union workers are doing this. I would not at all put it past the company to do some of this themselves. Don’t let this company make you believe they care about customer service!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pat – it is highly unlikely that it was an inside job. While the damage was done by someone with intimate knowledge and the tools necessary to access equipment, the company would not go and destroy equipment requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in parts and labor to repair, and putting thousands of lives at risk.

      Verizon is regulated by both state and Federal laws, and they would be quickly facing millions in fines if it was discovered that this was a subterfuge to discredit the unions.


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