On Verizon Replacement Workers, Striking CWA Urges Members “It’s Open Season…Torture Them”


Tense Verizon Strike Continues: MyFoxNY.com

From NewsChannel 9:

The voice of a representative [in Brooklyn] encourages members to deal harshly with “managers and scabs.”

“It is open season. Follow them safely, but when you get to a location, torture them, torture them with chants and noise. Be so loud that they can’t concentrate and wish they never got out of bed,” says the recorded voice.

Another part of the message states:

“They are trying to break our union. Understand brothers and sisters, we can never let these [expletive] piece of [expletive] pigs break us. So, we are stepping up our efforts.”

The message stopped short of calling for physical violence, but it was removed after a NewsChannel 9 reporter called the CWA for comment.

The recording was removed because a union representative said he didn’t want any misconceptions about their intentions, which may sound crude, but always stayed within the boundaries of the law.

Strikes are never pleasant. However, responsible union leaders do not declare “open season” on replacement workers. The reason is very simple: People interpret things differently and, if violence ensues, while the union may not ultimately be legally responsible, it should be held morally responsible.

For ongoing coverage on the unions’ strike at Verizon, go here.


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  1. Instead of taking the millions in dollars of savings the union was offering, Verizon chose to spend millions on training and lodging thousands of non union workers.


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