1. I live in SoCal. I hope they go on strike. People want those jobs. It only takes a few hours to train replacement workers. Besides, we have WalMart, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Fresh n Easy…

    • Joe, I’d love to see you do my job “jobs”
      It would take you at least 6 months to learn all that I do. The public thinks our job is easy until they learn what’s involved. Try going in at 7am getting off at 4 pm and being back at 12 midnight then the next day 3 pm til midnight. Do you think a few hours of training and you could cut a side of beef? How about electronic receiving? How about decorating a wedding cake? How about setting a wet rack in 3 hours or do you even know what a wet rack is? People like you can talk all they want but I guarantee you you couldn’t do any of those mentioned even with 1 mont of training!

  2. “This is what democracy looks like!”

    What? Red-shirted Communists?
    Yeah, go on strike to not have to pay more for your benefits while other people wonder what benefits even ARE, or wonder what a job is.

    Change your chant to; “This is what selfish greed looks like!”

    • I’m sure you meant corporate greed because my employer made 3.75 million dollars profit last year off the swet of our brow at the staggering average hourly rate of $13.75. Give us more money and we will pay for our benefits. Unless you want to work midnight-830 all holidays and one day off a week which is usually during the week when your family is at school or working themselves. Where are you on Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter and New Years We are working here so you can enjoy those holidays with your loved ones. Show some respect!!!!

  3. I hope they get a dose of the real word of health care, in my industry we pay the first 8% of all healthcare. I am noticing the chains that use union employess charge on average a dollar more per item then the non union stores. I have already switched where I do my major shopping because of this.

    • What is your pay scale like? The average wage combined for clerks is 13.75 per hr. Give us a decent wage and we will pay our healthcare


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