Governor Nikki Haley Responds to the NLRB’s Mandate to Post Union Notices


On the news that the job-destroying National Labor Relations Board is mandating employers in all 50 states to post notices advising employees of their rights to unionize (and destroy more jobs), South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley posted the following response on her Facebook page:

Right next to that sign that is being mandated by Barack Obama’s union cheerleaders at the NLRB, I encourage all S.C. employers to put up another sign: in our state, every worker has the freedom to reject the efforts to form unions and keep their paychecks for themselves and their families instead of paying dues to union bosses in Washington.

Haley’s response is, no doubt, more eloquently expressed than the responses of most employers’ toward the union psychopaths sycophants running Obama’s National Labor Relations Board.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

Hat-tip: Izoneguy


  1. Thank godness for this Governor. I wish we had someone in Washington with as much grit, determination and good sense as Governor Haley. The thought that our government would sue a private company for deciding who they wish to, or not, employ is outrageous. I guess jobs in American now means only “union jobs”.

  2. Thank goodness for Gov. Nikki Haley making the right decision to send the right message back to Washington. I supported AG McMaster’s decision to support you from the beginning. Where would the business community and South Carolina be with a different governor?… Thank you for supporting the business community.


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