Judge Holds Washington Longshoremen in Contempt: Every protester was carrying a weapon…


A federal judge found the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Locals 4 and 21 in contempt of court Thursday as six more arrests were made Wednesday in a dispute between the union and a grain terminal company.


Leighton’s decision to hold the union in contempt followed lengthy testimony about what happened during the protests and the raid. Security guard Charlie Cadwell, employed by Columbia Security for patrols at the Longview grain terminal for the past two months, told the judge of the harrowing experience: Every protester he saw that night was carrying a weapon — baseball bats, lead pipes, garden tools.

“I didn’t see a longshoreman who didn’t have something in his hands,” he said.

He was was pulled out of his car by one longshoreman, and another man swung a metal pipe at him, he said.

“I told him, ‘You have 50 cameras on you and law enforcement is on its way,'” Cadwell said. “He said, ‘(expletive) you. We’re not here for you, we’re here for the train.'”

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