SEIU Members Fight To Lower Dues, Cite Hypocrisy Of SEIU Staff


In Southern California, the SEIU bosses of Local 721 are facing a dues revolt among their members. According to its website SEIU 721 represents 55,000 workers in Los Angeles County “stretching from the desert to the beaches.”

According to the website, members of Local 721 are circulating a petition for a standardized dues rate citing different dues standards, as well as a double standard among the SEIU staff that represents them.

Personnel Expenses accounted for 32.68% of the $4,520,059 income for the month of July, 2011. SEIU 721 staff worked very hard to get members to concede to pay 4% for Retirement Health Care, accept higher medical and dental costs, as well as giving up raises and delaying others but what about their own contract?

  • SEIU 721 Staff Refused ANY Retiree health care concessions
  • SEIU 721 Staff Refused giving up a floating holiday to share the sacrifice
  • SEIU 721 Staff Filed Unfair Labor Practice Claims against the union
  • SEIU 721 Staff Received Wage Increases each year indicated below:
    • 7/1/07 3%
    • 7/1/08 3%
    • 7/1/09 3%

According to LACityWorkers, SEIU 721 has not responded to questions about the member petition drive:

SEIU 721 was asked to comment on what lowering the dues for members would entail Specifically they were asked to answer the following two questions.

  • “If this is a member run organization, don’t the members decide?
  • Specifically What are the downsides of standardizing the dues to the requested $35.00?

We gave them significant time to respond and we have yet to hear back from them, certainly they will decide it is better to respond by spending tens of thousands of dollars on robo-calls, email, and literature all at your expense.

As California is not a Right-to-Work state, the Southern California workers have no choice but to pay dues (or be fired).

However, they can make life uncomfortable to the union bosses…and they apparently are.

Read the whole thing here.


  1. I landed a California State job a couple years ago. As soon as I became a “State Employee”, The job was rigged. A Hispanic made a false claim and California forced me to quite, due to the “Zero Tolerance”. (The guy who made the claim, appologized in public, and Calif ignored it)

    The Union lied to me, the Union promised me a new/better job.

    When you become “State” you are automaticaly on a 6-month probation. The Hispanics know this, and take advantage of it to get rid of non-hispanics, by just CLAIMING a slur.
    The Unions are screwed, and the California State system are only pro-Mexican. (Notice the percentage of Americans to Mexicans in the system)

    Try getting a job for the Dept. of Agriculture, and be a White person.

    Good luck.

  2. Notice how your Union dues goes to promoting the tax paid education for Illegals, and allowing illegals to work in California. SEIU sees UNION DUES….For hourly jobs. Imagine what the hundreds of millions of Union dollars used for political crap, could do, if it was used for union workers’ pensions? SEIU is not about money for their workers. SEIU is about control.


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