#OccupyPathetic: Santa Rosa protesters plan to provoke arrests to get more support


#OccupySantaRosa protesters in Santa Rosa, California are planning  to violate the law on Saturday by erecting tents that they 1) know are illegal and 2) have been told will result in police taking “the necessary steps to stop them.”

According to the #OccupySantaRosa website, they know they will be arrested:

If you feel inspired please come join us, set up your tent, and occupy with us! Please take notice, however, that we have been told NO citations will be given out for camping and that arrests will be made.

Are the #OccupySantaRosa protesters doing it because they need a place to sleep? No. They’re doing it for no other reason other than they are losing support and they want the attention in order to boost their sagging numbers.

Few are expecting that level of confrontation to take place in Santa Rosa, where for the most part demonstrators have worked cooperatively with police and city officials. But Occupy organizers said they are ready for a different tactic, partly because their movement has begun to flounder.

“We are prepared to be arrested,” said Will Kelly, an Occupy organizer who has had meetings with city officials, including the city manager and police officials.


Occupy organizers began handing out fliers this week announcing that they intended to set up pitch tents and that they wanted more people to participate. Kelly said it’s been a struggle to get more people involved in the movement.

Radio interview here.

Perhaps the Santa Rosa police department will give #OccupySantaRosa what they are seeking: #OccupyJail

About 15 days should do it. Then, the protesters can go home to their moms and dads and #OccupyThanksgiving.


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