Teamsters Slow Down On Snow Removal in…Cairo?


Of course, the Teamsters are denying it. Nevertheless, it’s not everyday you see a news story about snow in Cairo…and a Teamster snow removal slow down to boot.

By the way, in this case, Cairo is pronounced KA-ro, and it’s not in Egypt (it’s in New York) [via FoxNews23]…

[Town Supervisor John] Coyne says he and the town board were forced to declare a State of Emergency at about 5 p.m. Saturday to force the highway crew into work.

“We had some members who came in willingly at 3 p.m., and others that didn’t,” Coyne said.

He says the town has been negotiating a contract with the Teamsters Union since March.

Coyne says it was a struggle to get the men in during Irene, and he thinks contract issues could be holding them back.

“We have roughly 6,000 people in this community,” Coyne explained. “They’re the friends, neighbors, and relatives of the highway workers and they chose not to come in.

And, they wonder why government workers have such a poor reputation…


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