Unions & #OccupyWallSt Plan Tax & Spend ‘Day of Action’ Thursday


As noted over the weekend, the AFL-CIO, SEIU and Laborers are planning on one last hurrah before winter sets in and they lose their #OccupyWallSt progeny to tuberculosis, tear gas, jail cells and cold weather.

Calling it their “Day of Action,” the unionized #occupiers will be protesting in 35 cities on Thursday to call on Congress to tax and spend more.

According to the Hill:

Bill Samuel, the AFL-CIO’s director of government affairs, said labor has been frustrated by Republican-led filibusters in the Senate to block the parts of President Obama’s jobs bill that would increase infrastructure spending.

“It is an effort to focus public attention on repairing bridges and help with the jobs crisis. The Congress seems to be unable to do either at the moment with Republicans blocking these measures,” Samuel said.

A $60 billion infrastructure bill based on President Obama’s jobs proposal failed in a Senate vote earlier this month. The spending would have been funded by a 0.7 surtax on millionaires.

Well, other than the odor and the Guy Fawkes masks, the #OWS movement and the union movement have become pretty indistinguishable.

Then again, that seems to have been the plan all along, right?


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  1. Highway construction wouldn’t be a “stimulus” measure if we built roads and highways properly. Here, they’re built so thin and cheaply that they’re more costly to maintain long-term. I-81 north of Martinsburg, WV is the perfect example.


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